John Armitage/Hari Das Baba at a recent 13D Teacher Training:

Remember, we are divine protection, right? People ask, “How do you protect yourself?” Well I don’t. I AM divine protection, because I’m not a victim. If you think you need protection, you’re in victim consciousness.

I can ask for assistance. One day I’m driving along in the country and a UFO comes down. I have a classic encounter of the 3rd kind thing. My car stops and I think, “Awww.” I get out my tobacco and roll a cigarette, sit there in the dark. Out they come. “Well we’ve got you now, boy!” I say, “No you don’t. You’ll have to try harder.” They said, “We’ve been watching you for so long, we have found a crack in your emotional body. We’re going to exploit it.”

If I said to myself, “Have they found a crack in my emotional body?” and I go into fear, everything’s lost. I say, “You can’t find cracks in my emotional body.” They say, “We’ve finally worked out how we’re going to take you.” So I get out of my car and I thought to myself, “Maybe I could use a bit of assistance here.” So I said, “Kali, come on!” and Kali appears in her classic form, holding severed heads in her hands and blood dripping from her vagina. And they say to Kali, “What’s this to do with you Kali?” “Well I look after him. He’s my lover!”  “OK, back up boys. We’re gone. No chance here now.” I’d been on my way to the Starlight Center in Devon, and when I arrive they’re all standing out on the porch, “Hey, did you see the UFO come down in the valley?!” “Yes, I saw it.” 

We’ve got as much assistance as we want, anyway. But it’s not “help, help, help!” We’re not victims.

Photo: IRIS— Blue pearl-opalescent light transforming my whole aura to opalescent starlight, etheric mother-of-pearl tinged into blue.  These are not earthly colors—or rather, not third-dimensional colors.  It took the filtering part of the aura and increased its energy level, so that what comes through now is altered subtly, in a 5th-6th dimensional way.

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Archangel Michael, channeled through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba:

…You could say that I have at my command many, many Legions of Light, many legions of angels whose task it is to protect, transmute and oversee the plan of Love in the focus of the cosmic plan and the whole of creation. The focus of the cosmic plan for the whole of creation is, of course, the integration of Love, Love without conditions for oneself; and also the task of my Legions of Light and myself is the protection of human beings.

Some would ask, “Why do I need the protection of Michael? Why do I need protection at all?” Some humans have focused enough Love into their hearts that they are now indestructible, that they are impervious to the energies of the dark brothers and sisters, and they do not need protection. But the truth of the situation is that many humans still need surrounding by the energies of Light and the energy of Love, to hold back the discordant energies, and energies that have disassociated themselves from the Source. Many would ask why Mother/Father God allows discordant energies to operate within creation. It is because of free will. Understand that also Mother/Father God does not judge, just experiences and loves.

Also, as well, many ones during this time that is known as the fall contracted to create discordant energies, to instill fear into the hearts of humans that have not yet developed the capability to love themselves. So this is where fear originates from, that many feel within their hearts, when the word extraterrestrial, when the word Lucifer, when the words interfere, it is disempowerment…because they have still not yet integrated Love for themselves, and they are still subject to the laws of Karma. …

I have at my disposal Pillars of Light, Pillars of Love. Any time that you feel you are not holding the love energy in your hearts, and fear may enter your minds—or any time that you feel you are being unfairly pressured by the dark brothers and sisters—or by any other energy whose desire it is to interfere with you and get you to become unfocused in the Love and the Light—call upon me for a Pillar of Light. Again, I cannot give you a Pillar of Light unless you ask, because you have the free will to suffer or not suffer. If you suffer, I feel compassion and love for you, but I cannot do anything else about it. Call upon me for Pillars of Light.

I will show you how this works: “Archangel Michael, surround me with the Pillar of Light!” When you make the request, I will know that you want it. You might think, “Well, I will not call upon Michael very often for a Pillar of light, because I don’t want to bother him. He must be busy.” These are energies that stem from feelings of unworthiness. Each and every one of you is worthy. I am charged by Mother/Father God to provide as many as ask for Pillars of Light with the Pillars of Light. If I don’t have anything to do, how will I pass the time? It is possible that I might get bored, with no Pillars of Light to pass down! You might say, how can I be in a million, 2 million, 5 million places at once? I have the Legions of Light under my command, and the Legions of Light also provide you with Love, Pillars of Light, and protection.

So let us now collectively invoke a Pillar of Light. To do this, you will just need to follow my words: “Archangel Michael, give me a Pillar of Light, now!” See the electric blue come down? Silver and gold energies. It is so simple. Brothers and Sisters, I would ask you to integrate my words. I ask you to integrate what has happened to you.

~Excerpts from a Meditation to Dissolve Karmic Ties, New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation BASIC MASTER workshop.


John Armitage/Hari Das Baba at a recent 13D Teacher Training:

One thing I learned from Mary Magdalene a long time ago, no matter how people judge you, if you know who you are in your heart well then there’s never any need to defend yourself. This is a great lesson for humanity.  My thing now in this, sometimes I get criticized when I destroy these concepts of spirituality and so on, so people don’t like me. When people judge me, my reaction nowadays is, I’m in service to humanity, so I can be anything you like.

I asked Mary Magdalene, “Why has it taken so long for your energy to surface again on the planet? Why has it taken so long?” She said, “I know who I am. Why should I defend myself? I just have to wait for the right time, and the time is now.”

Photo: Mary Magdalene, medieval wood carving

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John Armitage/Hari Das Baba at a recent 13D Teacher Training:

People who are stuck somewhere just don’t know that they’re dead. It’s not like they decide to be a ghost. They just don’t know. Sometimes when you do battlefields and things like this, there are thousands and thousands. When we cleared the killing fields in Cambodia, it was literally thousands and thousands and thousands. And when I was allowed in the old prison in Phnom Penh, which isn’t used as a prison now—where thousands were tortured. There are thousands stuck there. But in various areas of the killing fields we went to clear them.

But when I was asked to do some clearing in Chicago, it was like a war zone. It was like the killing fields, there were so many stuck. As soon as I’d opened the vortex and brought in the team, it was just like clearing a war zone. To me it was incredible. Chicago to me isn’t a war zone.

[Comment: about the slaughter of Irish immigrants, gangs, drug dealers, slaughter houses, Democratic convention of the ’60’s, as well as Native Americans]

This is all part of service to the planet. It’s all easy, just go at it with love and no fear. Remember, you have an assistance team, so it’s easy. We live in a multidimensional world. There are battlefields everywhere. We cleared some stuff in Gettysburg awhile back.

Thing is with battlefields—I’ve cleared loads in Europe as well, from the first and second world wars—what people don’t realize is you can get them to ascend and all that, but people forget to reprogram the blood in the ground. Blood is crystalline, so it’s holding all this fear and everything and just radiating fear, anger, despair and so on. So you have to reprogram the blood in the ground as well.

Photo: Killing Fields at Phnom Pehn   www.killingfieldsmuseum.com

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John Armitage at a recent 13D Teacher Training:

We’ve been brainwashed to think that something outside of ourself must be perfect. We’ve forgotten the inherent perfection of ourselves. This is part of the brainwashing from the priests, the yogis, the gurus, the warlocks and witches and all the rest of it. You always have to give your power away to someone else to intervene between you and God. “You can’t find it yourself; you have to use us.” When you live with your guru you have to do everything he tells you. You can’t ask why. You do as you’re told.  We don’t need that anymore. For me, it was definitely useful to me then, but we don’t need gurus any more. Gee You Are You–G U R U. That’s what it breaks down to.

So we think someone outside ourself knows everything. That’s why we rush off to get readings from people. I used to do readings. One day I realized, when people told me, “This happened, this happened and I’m still waiting for this to happen”—that actually this was disempowerment. Their lives had changed, and the potentials facing them had changed, but they were still waiting for something that was a potential 3 years ago, not a potential any more. Because you changed your consciousness, you did something.

So what’s the point of it? Sometimes when you tell people, “You’re doing this, or you’re like this, because of this or that in another lifetime,” that gives them an excuse to be like they are instead of changing.

Please don’t give your power away. One of the things I see, if you want to make millions of dollars quick, just advertise that you can save people. They’ll come flocking. Tell them you’ll give them the implant and we’ll take care of everything. They’ll come with their money. But as soon as you tell them to do something they don’t want to, away they go. So don’t give your power away.

There’s this new cult now, the ascended master cult. Some people think the ascended masters are in charge of everything on earth, and in charge of us as individuals, that they’re going to save the world, and that they know everything. Do you know what Maitreya [the Buddha] told me, the last time I ascended, which was some time in the ’90’s. When I told him I didn’t believe I could ascend because of the way that I was, he said, “Do you think we’re not still working on our stuff? Because we’re in the 5th dimension we’re not still clearing out dark corners of our minds?” Come on. But the human idea is to give your power away to something outside of yourself.

You are inherently perfect. That is your essence. It’s only the illusion of ego or programming that you’re not. Get away from the programming, get away from the belief systems. People swap religion for the New Age, and then behave in exactly the same way. The ascended masters have said collectively that if people continue to attempt to give their power to them, they’ll change the way that they work with us.

The most constructive thing you can do is to listen to your I Am Presence. And get on with things. I was talking with the Dalai Lama one day and said, “Sometimes I get fed up with repeating myself over and over around the planet.” He said, “Ah, Haridas, don’t get frustrated. If you can change one person’s life in a whole lifetime, it was worth it.” Ah yes. Don’t have expectation.

Photo: Roses were fully formed by the Angelic forces before the fall from spirit. They are a biological prophecy created in full perfection, so no further development of this species took place in Lemuria. Roses are as a process or system of medicine to help return to the realms of the spirit. Hilarion channeled in Gurudas, Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing.

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John Armitage/Hari Das Baba at a recent 13D Teacher Training:

I’ve got so many instances n my life of the universe providing things, out of the blue, in so many ways. But one of the difficulties humanity has is an inability to receive. The universe is sending you opportunities, or it’s sending you gifts continuously, but you keep saying, “It’s not for me, it’s not for me, I can’t do it.” You don’t extend your hand out and take it. Even when it’s put in your hands. I see this as a crystal dealer in Europe. When I give someone a crystal, they say, “Are you sure?” They have trouble with it.

When you have this inability to receive, the universe has to work damn hard. When you do ask, you will receive. This is the law of the universe. Another law is that when you receive, you give. Some people won’t give, no matter what they have. They’re only fearful of losing it. This is the craziness of humanity.

Most people incarnate with a set of potentials. Whether you achieve those potentials is another story. Your I Am Presence might push you this way or that way, but if you don’t know you’re being pushed, well then you continue going down another road. Then your I Am Presence might give you a stronger push, might send a series of disasters in your life—you might even manifest disease. It sometimes imposes disease on you to bring you into line.

Sometimes we don’t learn, and we put ourselves back into the same situation over and over—different actors but the play’s the same, over and over. This is the human journey.

Knowing that it’s all perfect is not an excuse to just sit there and not do anything. Human life is all about experience. Who’s looking through my eyes? Who’s looking through yours? Source. Source is experiencing through its creation. We have this illusion of separation. We aren’t separate. I am you and you are me. No matter how much that might disturb you. We are a collective.

Photo: INDIAN PIPES–Enhanced ability to receive love, universal love in the highest sense, which is all around us, although we may be unaware of it. Imagine the heart opening and being nurtured by this love, then send it on.  Helps in envisioning planetary peace. Increase in heart’s ability to receive energy, useful in hands-on healing practices. www.taliloquay.com 

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[Before the firewalk at the 2016 13D Teacher Training, John told us to write a note about what we were asking the fire to transmute for us.] John Armitage/Hari Das Baba:

I will call in the  consciousness of fire to do the transmuting. Be very careful what you put on the note. You might put down something you think you want, but you don’t want it at all. My favorite illustration of this is when a firewalk participant wrote, “I’m fed up with my husband, I hate my job, and I want another place to live.” A couple of weeks later she calls me, “Help me! I got fired from my job, my apartment burned down, and my husband left me!” I said, “That’s perfect! This works! I have no sympathy for you. This is what you asked for. Why are you phoning me for sympathy?”  So take care in what you ask the fire to do. It can happen very quickly. It’s like a lot of things in our life. We want something, and then once we have it we’re not interested.

Another favorite illustration of mine, a friend was always saying, “I’m going to get a Roller [Roles Royce].” One evening he’s sitting in his house with his wife, and there was a screech of tires. A Roles Royce suddenly came through the window. When he phoned me to tell me, I said, “I told you, it works! Thoughts can create! You never said you wanted one you could drive. You got a Roles Royce.” He said, “Well, they can’t get it out. They’re afraid of the house falling down.” “Well, it’s permanently in your life, then, isn’t it?”

Once years ago I didn’t have anywhere to live. It was summer and I was in America. I thought maybe I should find somewhere to live. I said to Germain, “I need somewhere to live. Find me somewhere to live.” So after awhile I get a call from a friend saying, “We rented a house for someone who doesn’t want it now. So we’ll have to pay the rent for the duration of the contract.” “OK, where’s the house?” “It’s in Silverton in Devon.” Silverton is twinned with another town called St. Germain. So I said, “Ah, OK, tell the agent I will take the house, but I won’t be back for about 6 weeks. Pay up the rent, get the keys, and when I get back everything will be fine. I’ll sign the papers.” I was thinking, “Brilliant, now I’ve got a house. It’s in Silverton, twinned with St. Germain. How cool and cosmic is that?!”

So I go to the house and let myself in. The house is completely empty. I say to Germain, “Where’s my fucking furniture?” He said to me, “You never asked for any.”


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