13D New Paradigm Multi- Dimensional Transformation

March 28-31, 2020

workshop in Wendell MA.

4 day life-changing experience!

Activations to the highest and most recent evolutionary energies available to humanity on this planet.  Clearings, code activations, DNA clearings and activations. Personal activations involving 12 dimensions of these personal transformation energies, plus a 13th activation which opens you to further ones as they become available to humanity and as you are ready.

No prerequisites.  Anyone who feels called can take this course.


taliloquay@gmail.com to register

https://www.taliloquay.com/npmdt/courses.html for info

Chakra Balancing

Start the New Year off right!

Chakras are the energy centers of our body’s electrical system. Life force enters our bodies through these centers. I have created a course of simple exercises to clear, harmonize and balance your major chakras. Most are short and may be added easily to your daily routine.

All are downloadable. Check out this course and register at taliloquay.teachable.com for only $22!


  1. Slide show-What are chakras
  2. Chakra balancing using toning and essences
  3. Chakra balancing using hand movements and toning
  4. Chakra balancing with pendulums
  5. Chakra balancing on another
  6. Meditation to balance chakras 12-1, bringing in energy from Source through your own I Am Presence/Higher Self
  7. Diagrams of chakras and subtle bodies
5D Chakra System

http://www.taliloquay.com taliloquay.teachable.com

Cosmic Heart Silks at Wesleyan Potters Sale

Some of my silk scarves, inspired by my experiences at John Armitage’s Opening to the Cosmic Heart workshops, will be on sale at the annual Wesleyan Potters craft sale in Middletown CT.

Cosmic Heart Connection

Wesleyan Potters 64th Annual Exhibit and Sale

350 Main St., Middletown CT.

November 29 – December 15 : Annual Sale (Opens 10 AM)
Opening Night Reception : 6-8 PM food, drinks, and music by The Sawtelles
Cafe Night December 6 : Sirius Coyote
Cafe Night December 13 : Zoo Front band
December 18 – 24: Extended Gallery Shop


Awakening Your Cosmic Heart

With John Armitage/Hari Das Baba

September 13-15, 2019
Comfort Inn ~ 10 Hotel Drive ~ Dover, NH

  • Expand your consciousness!
  • The next step in human evolution!  
  • Connecting with the Cosmic Heart brings balance and harmony to your life.
  • Align with expanded levels of pure Divine Love from Source.

Connecting to Cosmic Heart consciousness and Divine Love reconfigures your energy system and assists in integrating your 5th dimensional chakra system, allowing you to radiate this vibration into all things, aligning with the planetary ascension energies.

I attended a Cosmic Heart workshop 3 years ago. It was one of the most expansive workshops I’ve ever experienced. I plan to go to this one as well. Each time Baba facilitates a workshop it is different because the energies have grown as the energies of the planet have expanded. Phyllis Brooks

To register contact: Barbara Allen ~ mvbja@yahoo.com or Marine Mayfield ~ harmony4soul2balance36@gmail.com    

Workshop cost: $818

Hotel discount on rooms for participants. 603 750 7507

Demystifying Flower Essences

Check out my new online course!

Demystifying Flower Essences

starting January 15, 2019! Includes:
What flower essences are
What they can do for you
Where they come from
How they work
Your Energy Body & how they can balance it
How to know what essences to use when

First lesson FREE! Access it at tailioquay.teachable.com
Introductory video: https://youtu.be/Ii8sFQpMO30