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Online Courses on Vibrational Remedies

I’m creating some online courses on vibrational remedies. I’m excited to share my research and experience with people who are interested. Essences have been of immense help to me in my journey to self-awareness. Would you be interested in any of the following courses/topics?

Demystifying Flower Essences
How do Vibrational Remedies Work?
How Do I Choose and Use Essences?
Overcoming Resistance Through Essences
Moving Through Energy Blocks Using Essences
Making Your Own Essences
Creating a Relationship With Nature
A Flower Essence Certification Course

Owning My Energy Body
The Human Energy Body Demystified
Balancing My Energy Body
What Are Chakras?
Why Care About Chakras?
Balancing Chakras
Chakras–Beyond the Seven


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Living It

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. Life has been somewhat challenging for me of late. I’ve tried to focus on the positive things, such as finding a part time job when we needed a more steady income, even though I’m only earning less than minimum wages. My partner is suffering many setbacks, physical and economic, but we still have each other and love. And so on. But a few days ago I experienced something that was hard to see any good in.

There’s construction going on in the parking lot behind our Coop. Huge trucks move about limiting parking and I feel anxious driving around them. Friday I arrived around 9 AM for my weekly stint as a working member. I entered the narrow entry to the parking lot as giant trucks loomed over my small Corolla to the right. Beyond them was a giant hole, surrounded by the workers. There are two aisles I can go down to park; the first was blocked by a huge dump truck with its lights on but not moving, around 80 feet away. I started to cross that aisle when it started backing up.

I’ve seen trucks back up, slowly and beeping to warn people. The only way for me was forward, so I kept going, knowing that at normal dump truck speed i’d be long gone before it reached where I was. Suddenly it started going faster, and faster and faster, until it was careening towards me. I stepped on the gas to get out of there as fast as I could, but I didn’t quite make it. The truck hit my right rear fender with intense shock, knocking my car around until it was parallel to the truck, which then continued on for a few yards—it was going so fast it took the impact with my car plus that much more to be able to stop.

The driver said, “I didn’t see you! It was an accident!” I let him know what I thought of that. Speeding backwards in a small parking lot without constant vigilance doesn’t mean “accident” to me. One of his buddies (foreman?) came running around the truck, looked at the damage, and tried to make up some cock and bull story about how I had run into HIM. Meanwhile this same joker had the giant trucks which were nearly blocking the entry to the lot MOVE away so that it looked clear and free. I was angry at the driver, but even more angry at the liar trying to re-set the scene before the police arrived.

Since then I’ve been awakening around 3 or 4 at night, playing it all over again and again in my head. It was terrifying, and still is. Then today I picked up a book I’d partially read awhile ago: The Emotion Code, by Dr. Brad Nelson. It was a chapter on how we choose our emotions. “I know this,” is how I would have reacted last week. Now I thought just maybe it was time to review what I “knew”.

He spoke of unconditional love: “When we feel this way toward others, our hearts resonate at the frequency of love, and we experience peace and harmony within.” He told stories of people in concentration camps who gave away their last bread to others and went around comforting them. He quoted Mother Teresa: “It’s not hard [to minister to the sick and downtrodden] because in each one I see the face of Christ in one of His more distressing disguises.”

I started to use some of Dr. Nelson’s techniques to release “trapped emotions,” finally being willing to let go of my anger at the whole situation. Each day I had been saying, “I forgive everyone for everything, including myself, and dissolve all karmic ties.” Now I was really feeling it for these people that I had found rather trying.

I still feel shaken up, and there’s still a lot to deal with around this situation, but now I feel better able to face it all. I continue to forgive everybody for everything, including myself, each time the memory comes up.  And I am grateful that we are still alive.

In love, Phyllis


[John Armitage/Hari Das Baba at a Gem Remedy workshop, 2003]

When you’re using remedies, both gem and flower remedies, you are going to trigger clearances.  Usually, and especially when you’re using them in 10MM, the clearances are extremely gentle.  They don’t particularly bring about physical aggravations.  But in some circumstances you’ll find that they can trigger emotional clearances, which can be reasonably strong.  Actually, the secret of it all is to see the emotion and to let it go, instead of holding on to it.  But a lot of people find it hard to do that.  It’s the same as when you’re meditating, a lot of people say, “How do you stop yourself from thinking?”  There’s not a meditator on the planet who can stop thoughts.  What you do is, you allow the thought to rise, and you let it go by, as if it was a bus you didn’t want to catch.  “Oh I don’t need that one!”  And it’s gone! 

But some people really hold on to their emotional processing.  They hold on to it and hold on to it.  One thing I’ve discovered is that this affects your solar plexus chakra.  The more you process, the more activation you’re going to bring about in your solar plexus.  It is the seat of the emotions; it’s where your emotional body, or your astral body, connects to your physical.  Over a period of time if you process emotionally, and you keep at it, of course it becomes self-perpetuating.  What happens is it then starts to open your solar plexus, your heart chakra, your third eye, the top of your head, and closing down anything below that.  So you become ungrounded.   The energy shoots out of your crown chakra into your aura, and then comes back into your etheric matrix, back through into your solar plexus chakra, amplified all over again.  So you’re on a big processing roll, the energy gets stronger and stronger and stronger. 

Then what happens to a lot of people is that they come up with the idea—because they can perceive somehow that the energy is coming into them—people think, “Oh, I’m under attack, from some kind of entities that don’t have my best interests at heart!”  I’ve had people call me up in this situation saying, “Ahhh, I’m under attack!!!!  Ahhh!!!!”  and I tell them, “Just settle down.  Let me have a look through your energy field.  No you’re not under any kind of attack at all.”  Well over 99% of the time why people feel that they’re being bothered by energies outside of themselves is because of the degree of their emotional processing.  This kind of thing [psychic attack] in a very, very slight percent of the time can happen, but mostly the people saying “I’m under psychic attack!” and everything, what they’re feeling is their own energy becoming amplified, coming back into their solar plexus. 

Also as well, have you ever noticed that when people are extremely emotional, processing over a period of time, they often feel sick all the time?  This brings about nausea.  But this pressure, this stress, also brings about an increase in the white blood cells in the body as well.  Somehow or another I’ve been told by the Upstairs Department that this increases this feeling of nauseousness.  They don’t want to go into it more than that at this time.

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[Master Germain channeled through Hari Das Baba–11/5/2001]

HI YA , family of the Violet Tribe, holding the energies of Shamballa, it’s Germain here with an update through Hari Das Baba. So as you all know, lots going on around the world and around your own worlds! So where to start in all I have to convey to you.

Let’s think of world, family and personal peace. What does all this mean to you as an individual? Many different things to many different people, that’s for sure. But peace is what all beings crave deep within their hearts. On the outside it may not seem like that, but deep within the Godself is always searching for the direct connection with the Creator and the higher self.

Many suffer confusion during this search and feel that they need to control others and force their views on the rest of the world. They feel that if they are successful in that, they will also find peace in their hearts. Strange potential humans have in believing peace is something outside of themselves!!!!

Big mistake here, for the only peace there is, is the peace within. Don’t look outside of yourselves for it, because it is illusion and no more. “If only the world was at peace,” I hear you say, “all would be fine.” Let me tell you, it won’t happen, it will not be fine. Why? Because you alone are responsible for peace, in your own hearts. Only after you have found that peace will there be peace on earth, not before.

So the focus at this time is for all beings to search for the inner peace that is the Bliss of God. OH yeah, here he goes again!!

How is it possible with all this stuff going on? Easy—connect with the peace and LOVE of the God/Goddess and all is well. The troubled energy many experience in their lives is a refusal to allow this to take place. They align themselves with one religion, one teacher, one guru and the like, and they refuse to even think that others have anything to offer. Or on the other hand they become afraid that the others have something to offer and get into ego spaces about everything.

You all know what I mean? Or maybe it needs spelling out to you again. I will try to be brief with you and not bore you, so here is how I, Germain, see it from the view of world teacher.

Many marvelous ways have been given to you to find this Bliss and LOVE within yourselves. One teacher teaches one way of doing it and the others teach another way. Many people still have the need, through their cellular programming, to give their power away to anybody that will take it from them. They start to follow a teacher or a guru, no problem here.

Most need another person or people to help them find that LOVE within.
The problem arises when people get fixed on the teacher or the method. The blinds come down and they see nothing but the greatness of their teacher and the teachings. It is not wrong to see the greatness in others and their teachings, but it is a mistake to believe that there is only one teacher or way of doing things. Why? Because this limits the way you can develop. Remember, creation is full of gifts, all waiting to fall upon those who will open their hearts and minds to receive them. Opening your hearts and minds to one system only and one teacher only limits the flow.

Have you noticed how the energy gets splintered when this happens? You can see the way this has happened in the New Paradigm MDT family at times. It makes my heart feel heavy when I see the splintering of a family of Light like this. It brings even more discordant energies to the planet and the universe. You see, as beings that are working with the Light in even a small way, you have much power. That power manifests the discordant energies into the world.

THE TIME IS NOW. Unite in LOVE, all of you. Realize when you have allowed yourselves to fall into the illusion as well. Unite through your hearts and minds in balance, harmony and LOVE. Guess what? You will be going on a journey of inner peace, and that peace will manifest on earth.

So OK my friends, I leave you now and hope you take at least a slight bit of notice of the words I share with you. Of course free will abounds here on earth, so you may do it now or later.

Blessings, your servant Germain

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[Master Germain channeled through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba, 1996]

Take your freedom, take your power into your own hands, fill your hearts with love, create your own reality, create abundance in your lives and in your minds and realize that these words ‘I Am’ are the most powerful words in the language that you speak. It is the true meaning of attunement and empowerment – I Am.

Of course, you’ll hear us use these words ‘I Am that I Am’. These words ‘I Am that I Am’ actually tune you in with your I Am Presence, and this is the reason why the I Am statement is so powerful. Now we’ll give you one or two little things to work with.

The first thing is, when things start happening in your life which are not really happening in accordance with the will of your I Am Presence, and energies start moving into your life that you don’t want to be in your life, what you can do very simply is say, “Back, this is not part of my reality, I am not part of this, I am that I AM, I am love.” It’s amazing how it works. You can be in situations where there is complete mayhem around you but you can be totally focused in love and totally focused in light, just by saying, “Get back, you’re not part of my reality.”

If you can’t get focused enough to do that, another great thing is, when you get discordant thoughts coming into your thoughts and discordant energies coming into your life, call in the silver-violet flame. This flame has an insatiable appetite for discordant energy. It transmutes anything into love. It transmutes all known unwanted energies. This silver-violet flame you can invite into your life and into your energy system. It’s very easy to work with. You can use an affirmation that transmutes discordant energies very easily. You’ll meet people that you can give this affirmation to in your energy work, whether you’re working with the New Paradigm MDT/Shamballa energies or Reiki or whatever. The affirmation is: “I am a being of silver-violet fire, I am the purity God desires.”

Now, if you use this affirmation everything around you becomes violet. And if you chant this affirmation in your healing room or in your living room or in your car or even in your office, you’ll find that everything becomes violet, if you’ve got clairvoyant sight. As soon as you have discordant energies and thoughts moving into your consciousness, use this affirmation: “I am a being of silver-violet fire, I am the purity God desires”, and the energy immediately changes. You can also use shortened versions of that, you can just say, “I consign these thoughts to the silver-violet flame.” It is so powerful.

Most of you humans will be amazed when you use it, how powerful it is. 

Don’t forget life is not a dress rehearsal.
LOVE is the answer to fear.  
Don’t give your power away to anything or anybody.

PHOTO: Water Hyacinth–Accessing & activating chakras 6 (Third Eye), 7 (Crown), and eventually chakra 16 (Ascension).  Knowing Self as a part of a greater whole; merging with the greater whole and reaching up and out, ever expanding.  Energy of Mahatma (Unconditional Love)—gold, silver & violet.  Energy of the silver-violet flame of transmutation.  Joy.  Connection.  Wholeness.  Aspiring to ever new adventures in consciousness.  There is also a fairy connection.

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[Merlin channeled by John Armitage/Hari Das Baba, 2002]

Who do you think or who do you believe that the Ascended Ones are?  They are you, each and every one of you. Who are the Masters of creation? You, each and every one of you. Not only the beings in this room, but all the beings on Earth, whether they know it through their ego and their conscious mind or not. This should make you understand that you are our equals. In fact we are sisters and brothers in creation. The only difference to this is that you have taken on projects in association with the Mother Earth, the goddess Gaia, and you have chosen to put yourself in a situation where it is possible for you to forget that you are a master of creation, that you are a master of your universe.  You are a master of your world, and now is the time to remember.  We don’t support you in love for the reason that we think that you are inferior to us. We support you in love because you are our equals.

Allow the magic into your hearts and lives. Wake up and realize the glory that is yourselves. Promise yourselves through your hearts, through your minds and through your souls that today will be the day that you will live in magic forever more. Remember the dream of many humans, that is to create heaven upon the Earth. You should, by now, realize how strong your creation abilities are, because you have only to look around you and see what humans have already created upon this Earth. If you could manifest outwardly from yourselves oppression and suppression and lack, well then, you can easily create harmony and peace in heavenly way.  It even takes less money to create heaven than oppress, suppress and kill.  It is much cheaper to give people food and spiritual education than it is to kill them. Hold the vision of equality, because it is through vision and dream that we create.  People complain about the state of the world in third dimensional reality. They complain about the war and the strife. It is a reflection of all that is going on in the hearts of many humans – as above, so below.

So, magicians in love, I will leave you with my love and my support and my encouragement. I remind you again, every one of you, this is marvelous, this Mother/Father God. In that marvel and magic I leave you, and the divine within my consciousness sees, salutes and recognizes the divine within your consciousness.  NAMASTE.

PHOTO: Beryllianite-10MM–Clears blockages in the light body.  Helps bring you back to the seed blueprint (original divine pattern).

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