John Armitage from the New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training 2016:

How do we escape the matrix? This is all by understanding that you live within it. This is the first step of escape. Then working out how you can operate within the matrix without being a slave to it. These movies about the Matrix, many of you will have seen them. The first one especially was designed to trigger human consciousness. Actually the concept for these movies were created by one of the world’s most experienced and learned Kabbalists. But that’s not on the credits. I’ve actually had contact with these people. The second movie they asked me if I had anything to contribute that might assist them in reinforcing the message. A lot of movies are designed to bring you into fear. Fear is channeled into the content. Other movies are designed to trigger thought. This is what the matrix movies are about.

Even some 3rd dimensional scientists—and remember, on earth right now these people are considered to be gods, even though they’re working with some very incomplete theories. If it’s scientifically provable it must be real. But even now, some scientists are publishing papers that say “I am sure we are living in a matrix. I am sure that we are living in a computer generated hologram.” We reinforce the hologram by believing it’s real. I’m often saying to people, “Do you know why the sky’s blue? Because you believe it. You’re told that as a child, so it’s seen that way collectively.” This is how the matrix works. It’s a collectively generated and accepted reality. So actually in order to operate outside the matrix, you need to know this. Remember how we’re always talking about standing in your own power?

OK, I know I’m living within this illusory reality, but I know how to operate within it. What we are doing when we are radiating this love, non-judgment, compassion and so on, actually we’re creating cracks in the matrix and it’s starting to fall apart. How do I know the matrix is starting to fall apart? Because more and more people are starting to say, “This can’t be real. What we’re living. This can’t be real.” Somewhere in their minds and hearts they’re waking up to the fact that it isn’t real.

This is how we can change it. We just need enough people. Easy. Well it sounds easy, doesn’t it. I keep saying, we only need the 144,000 to be focused. When I say “focused” I mean not having a foot in one camp and one foot in the other. I’m often speaking about this. People say, “I want change! I want change! I want change!” and then when the changes start, they say “Fuck this! What’s going to happen? I want to know what’s happening, what’s going to happen!”

Glowing with the flow, glowing with the flow of your life stream actually allows things to change. Remember, we’re not in control of anything. You might be a control freak, but you can’t control anything. Unless we let go of the idea that we can control it, we haven’t let go, have we? We’re not flowing.

Photo: Papyrus–Preparation for 5th dimension Unity Consciousness. Balances the brain so that we can perceive reality beyond time.

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John Armitage at a 13D Teacher Training 2016:

Radiation also causes imbalances in the counter rotation of your sacred geometry. So when the planet is irradiated, we can get more emotional, because it slows down the counter rotations, or it makes the counter rotations more imbalanced. There’s been lots of times before on planet earth when the planet’s been irradiated, through nuclear activity during previous wars, maybe with extraterrestrials, maybe between ourselves and so on, and we’ve cleaned the planet up.

One of the most common stories about nuclear activity is in the Bible, this story of Sodom and Gomorrah. It says God was pissed off because everybody was having a good time. The thing was, there weren’t only humans present. This was a time when our starry brothers and sisters came and went on planet earth and didn’t hide themselves. The controllers were afraid that through interbreeding we might be able to trigger our 12 strand DNA and become fully conscious. so they decided they were going to nuke the planet, at Sodom & Gomorrah.

It’s very obvious when you see it. I used to live there for awhile. When I went down to the Negev desert, all of a sudden there’s this great hole in front of you. This is the Dead Sea, the lowest place on the surface] of Mother Earth. When you look down on it—I remember I was probably around 19 years old—I remember sitting there and looking out over it and saying to myself, “This place has been nuked.”

In the 60’s we had a lot of concern about nukes. The Cuba crisis was going on and other things, and we were very afraid of nuclear weapons being used on the planet. Then I got the information about it, yes it has been nuked. You have other places in America—the Salt Lakes are evidence of nuclear activity as well. We cleaned it all up and buried the stuff, but now they’re digging it up again. There are uranium mines there. They’re digging it up and trying to reuse it.

So this is just some information about radiation. It can affect our sacred geometry, therefore making us more emotional. You can see how this potential for us to become more emotional is utilized by the controllers, by feeding fear, feeding fear, feeding fear. Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists. Money, money, money. The favorite nowadays is terrorists. 7 plus billion people living on planet earth, and maybe 50,000 so-called terrorist fanatics. How likely are you ever to see one? But you have to give up all your liberties, you have to be constantly fed fear and everything else because of this. Think about it.

The next thing of course is money. Financial crisis. Financial crisis. Financial crisis. So these are the things, aren’t they, to keep you emotional. If we can balance our sacred geometry and keep it balanced, it will also assist us in keeping some harmony and balance in the way that we relate to the matrix. Remember, we’re living in a matrix, we’re living in a collectively accepted version of reality. This is the matrix.

Photo: Dead Sea

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John Armitage, at the 13D Teacher Training, 2017:

We have various forms of sacred geometry in our bodies and around our bodies. There is a tendency for people to think, through things said on the internet and so on, that we all have the same sacred geometry around our bodies. This is not true. The generally accepted consensus is that it’s two interlocking pyramids, and these counter rotate. Also a lot of people call this sacred geometry around your body a merkabah, which is also not correct. Actually merkabah is an energy that is generated by your sacred geometry, and merkabah energy is generated when the counter rotations of your sacred geometry around your body actually reach a certain speed of counter rotation. Then it’s poof! You actually look like a UFO.

So we [me and my upstairs department] don’t say that this sacred geometry around your body is your merkabah. We have scared geometry in our blood, in various parts of our body, at the base of our spine. We have specific sacred geometry. And sometimes because of our experiences in another lifetime, maybe in another place in time and space, you’ve maybe been engaged in certain activities that create a phase lock in the counter rotations of the geometry. This actually creates blockages and holds things back energetically. So we remove any phase locks. This has a very distinct effect on your energy system, and the way that you process energies.

With this counter rotating geometry, everything that exists, whether it’s a planet, a star, a galaxy, whatever, has sacred geometry around it, because without it the energy wouldn’t be stable. For us as human beings, we have a counter rotation. One piece of sacred geometry goes left, one goes right. The one that relates to your emotional body goes to the right, the one that relates to your mental body goes to the left.

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John Armitage at the 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

Asking for assistance is something we all have to learn. The ego tells us this could be a sign of weakness. I’ve learned that sometimes we need assistance. There’s a difference between crying for help and asking for assistance. As we’re talking I’ll send some energy towards you to assist with this.

If we cry for help we’re saying we’re helpless. I never answer cries for help. I do tell everyone in the New Paradigm MDT family that I’m always available. You can call me in in workshops or ask me for assistance in various ways. I can be in many places at once. I’ll always respond.

But if you start calling out HELP, I’m not going to reinforce your victim consciousness by responding. It’s the same with the Upstairs Department. Some of them have really nice things at their disposal. Let’s look at Archangel Michael for instance. He says he’s here to protect humanity. So sometimes people say they’ve called on Archangel Michael, why hasn’t he come to help? Archangel Michael won’t interfere in your life stream. It’s not allowed. It’s not allowable to interfere in anybody’s life stream. If you shout “Help Archangel Michael!” He’s going to say “Just be a victim.” If you say, “Archangel Michael, I could use some assistance,” then poof. “You got it.”

It’s the same with all these things. You might think that asking for assistance is a sign of weakness. At one time I thought it was. I’m sharing my personal journey. Now I’m open to asking for assistance if I think it’s necessary, if I think it will assist me in empowering myself and empowering myself in situations. So this is a great thing to learn. Are you coming from victim consciousness or are you open for assistance?

I was once on an airplane flying from America back to England. To do that you actually fly off the end of Canada, off Nova Scotia. This time we came on a massive storm. It may have developed suddenly, or maybe the pilot just decided to keep going instead of going around it. Anyway the plane got struck by lightning several times. It was very strong. Usually when an airplane gets struck by lightning nothing happens. It happens all the time. On this particular occasion we got struck. It was a plane that had two engines on the front and one on the back. One of the engines got struck by lightning and the plane suddenly lost altitude. People who weren’t strapped in hit the ceiling. All kinds of things went flying. It was like an airplane disaster movie. And this very loud female American voice was heard in the cabin, “By God! We’re all going to die!”

I said, “Archangel Michael, I think we could use a bit of assistance now.” A split second later the plane stopped dropping. This is an illustration of asking for assistance. Bang, you’ve always got it, some support. My laptop was blown up with this. It hit the ceiling. When the plane stopped dropping, one of the pilots came rushing out of the cockpit. It was in the dark; he was opening the window shades and looking out. Well, you know something’s happened when he does that. He says, “We’ve lost an engine. We’ve still got two and could probably make it to London, but I’ve decided to turn back.” We ended up in Detroit with all the bells and whistles on the runway.

So don’t think you’ve got to do everything by yourself. Don’t follow this program of being ashamed of asking for assistance.

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From John Armitage, New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

In all these years that I’ve been doing this [energetically clearing haunted spaces] I’ve never seen the “devil”. I’ve said, “Come on, you fucker! Where are you?” I’ve NEVER seen the devil. I’ve never seen a geezer with two horns and a tail, even when I’ve been into a satanic temple and called it in. It’s a figment of the collective imagination. The only devil that exists is in each and every one of us. That’s our dark side, in conjunction with the ego.

It says in the Bible Jesus was tempted by the devil. He decided to go out into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights and get his head together a bit. He was starving. The story says the devil tempted him, “Why don’t you turn these stones into bread?” That’s his ego saying “Shall I do this?” Some being with horns and a tail didn’t just appear and start talking to him. Get real. But it’s part of the conditioning to control people.

So don’t worry about the devil. The devil’s in all of us. It’s our dark side, in an unbalanced way, if our dark side is unbalanced. Remember, we’re all light and dark. If we weren’t dark we wouldn’t know what light is. If we weren’t light we wouldn’t know what dark is. This is the harmony and balance that we speak of. The harmony of light and darkness.


Photo: Light & Dark Pearls–Emotional balance. For emotional flexibility, especially around spiritual or religious issues.

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From John Armitage, New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

Also as well, if the 5th Root Race dies out it means the Martian consciousness is then gone from the blood lines of the planet. In the blood lines of the planet we also have blood from Mars, from the Martians that came here before the destruction of the Martian environment. There were humans living on Mars, very similar to us. This being that’s commonly known as Lucifer, that the Christians name as the devil, Lucifer actually is—not was because they’re eternal—an archangel. This term Lucifer means “bringer of the Light.” Lucifer was in charge of spiritual development of the people on Mars. He had  been given this job and had been given a great degree of free will. They began to experiment with illegal merkabah experiments, that is experiments that are illegal in this universe.

Because he had this degree of free will he used it, and the people on Mars had this free will, and their idea was to use Sacred Geometry to spread their energy out to the surrounding planets and enslave the beings. These experiments were illegal. Some people who lived on Mars knew that this experiment was not going to work out well, and there was an application to one of the galactic councils. Some of the beings actually applied to immigration status on planet Earth. Because they’re so similar to us, the answer was OK. So there was an influx of beings from Mars onto our planet. We know that Mars consciousness is rather warlike. Through this influx we actually had a war for over 500 years on the planet, because these Martians wanted to take over. It was rather a destructive time. But in the end they realized they weren’t going to win, so they decided to integrate. But we still have this Martian bloodline, and because of this, the manifestations of aggression. This isn’t totally responsible, but there is some responsibility there.

The Martians who stayed on Mars kept up their illegal experiments, and actually they blew up the atmosphere. So that’s why Mars doesn’t have an atmosphere, and has very little water. It’s not habitable by human beings without life support systems. It is inhabited by human beings, but they need life support systems. They don’t want you to know this—it’s not on CNN or whatever.

So what happened to Lucifer? The representatives of Source, the High Council, relieved Lucifer of his job and he was downgraded in rank. In the early Christian Church some of this information was known, so they decided, “We need a name for the devil, to keep people under control, so we’ll call him Lucifer.”

Photo: Sapphires–PINK SAPPHIRE–Helps you to see the joy in all creation, all acts of creation. In order to create, there has to be a seed of joy, no matter how twisted the creation may be. This helps oe to see that seed, and to communicate on the frequency of that seed. When one touches or matches frequency with tht seed of joy, the being or energy, no matter how dark, that surrounds that seed, feels as if it just went Home, to the Creator.

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FROM: John Armitage, New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

But humans do wipe themselves out. There’s enough nuclear weapons on the planet to destroy the planet numerous times over, so if they go a bit loony, and destroy the environment like that, then a different kind of human who can live in those conditions, that kind of body will be created. Ultimately if we destroy the environment and can’t breathe—we’re oxygen breathing beings and there’s not enough oxygen for us to live, well then, OK. They just sit back and wait until the environment is livable again. The trees are not going to die. Nature will replenish itself when the time’s right. Decisions will be made. Let’s drop down a different version of human.

I can tell you that the blueprint is already in existence, for this next version of human, beyond the 6th Root Race. The 7th Root Race it would be. The blueprint is already created. A lot of the potentials that have developed in the 5th Root Race, the kinks have been ironed out in the new version. So there’s no chance of—well of course you can’t say 100% truthfully—but there’s no chance of ego developing and ruling everything. Therefore the desire to control, and war and everything.

Photo: BASTNAESITE–Energizes the most primitive part of the brain, helping raise its vibrations to better integrate with the rest of the brain as part of its evolution during the ascension process. Subconscious fears are brought to consciousness for release.

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