Master Germain’s closing address, Mt. Shasta, CA, 1998, PART 2:

I’m proud of you, for understand that you are, each and every one of you, brave hearts, that your bravery is admired. There are not many beings in human bodies that are brave enough to be involved in energetic work that you have been involved in. That are brave enough to be involved in transformational work that you have been involved in for so many days.
Many of you realize now that you have been on television, that you have, and your activities have been transmitted throughout the whole of the Universe. This has never been done before on planet Earth—such a long period of time, with so many powerful transformational energies. So many things that have been done, the techniques that you have been given, the way your energy fields have been worked on has never been done on planet Earth.
Understand, each and every one of you, that being involved in the making of history—not history in McCloud, CA, not history in the United States of America, not history in Great Britain or anyplace else like that—history in the whole of creation. Multidimensional history.
So, my friends, believe in what you really are. Throw your shoulders back and hold your heads up high. And any time you find yourself slipping into old patterns, affirm that you believe in who you really are, and what you really are, and don’t disempower yourselves from fear.
There’s nothing for me to say more, except that if you need me, call me, because I can be in a myriad of places at once. I can be available for each and every one of you. That is my promise. And I also promise that I am available to each and every one that we initiate into the Shamballa energies.
…When you work with this energy, use the affirmation, “Shamballa on!” This will powerfully link you with Shamballa. I am working in conjunction with others in that collective consciousness, that diamond that is Shamballa, to activate a facet of the diamond to transmit Shamballa energy. This will take the whole system into a much higher energy—the energy of unconditional Love and union with Source, this concentrated transformational energy that will be constantly transmitted from this activated facet of the Shamballa diamond. Love is what you are. Love is what I am.
Blessings and the silver-violet flame be upon you all. I am Germain. I leave, but I am always with you.

~Master Germain, through John Armitage, October 1998, Mt. Shasta, CA


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