Wondering what to write about first, I get this ping in my mind, “Death and dying!” Must be someone out there pinging me, so here we go.

This universe is created of Love without conditions; anything else is illusion. Humans are very good at creating and believing in illusion. Fortunately, Love and fear cannot exist in the same consciousness at the same time, so filling oneself with Love without conditions can help us to release our debilitating fears. Love without conditions is not an emotion; it is a state of being. It is our true state of being.

I know from experience that this is so. My father was a fundamentalist Christian minister. Fundamentalist simply means following a strict set of beliefs. Anyone living outside the box of beliefs of that particular persuasion is considered wrong, misguided, or in extreme cases, infidel and non-human. These are, of course, man-made beliefs created from fear and a deep sense of inadequacy. There are fundamentalists in all the religions, in the sciences, in every walk of life. There are even New Age fundamentalists (adhering to strict rules, perhaps about not eating certain things like meat, smoking, etc.). Fundamentalism is exclusionary—my way or the highway, my beliefs over everyone else’s. Mother-Father God/Creator/All-That-Is is inclusive, all loving, without judgment.

My father was a very loving man with very violent beliefs. He would give his last cent to someone who seemed to need it (no matter their belief system), but he believed fervently that non-believers (those who did not believe according to what he was taught and held as the “Truth”) were going to a fiery hell. Towards the end of his life, as he got sicker and sicker, he was terrified of dying. He did not know for certain that he was “saved”. I was with him during the last few hours of his life, sitting by his bed in the hospital, surrounding him with the energy of Love. He was not conscious, but I felt his presence.

The next morning, around 3 AM, I received a call that he had died. Immediately we felt him in the room with us. He was very happy. He told us, “It’s so different from what I expected! All Creation is made up of LOVE, Love without conditions!” He had expected judgment, the illusion that humans in fear and guilt had created about how the universe functions. He had found the real thing, Love. He was ecstatic. He told us he was now off to “make amends” to some people he felt he had harmed by his restrictive belief system.

My father’s story shows us that we can break through the illusion of our fear-filled belief systems and heal ourselves. He was able on his death to accept the Love he was offered, probably because of the loving heart he had held in life, in spite of his ingrained teachings.
(Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 28-9)

Do you have an experience of communicating with people who have left their bodies?


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