Do you have memories of other lifetimes, dreams that feel real but you don’t recognize any of the people or situations? I have few memories, but I continually meet people who have memories of lifetimes with me. This has helped me to understand that this one lifetime is not all there is to ME, or all there is to anyone else. It also helps me to suspend judgment of others—who am I to understand what that bum on the street or that surly shopkeeper came to experience this time around? Here are some comments from Archangel Michael on reincarnation, channeled by John Armitage:

You could equate incarnation, or reincarnation, to a school class. When you first go to school you learn the basics of interacting with others, what is required of you socially, what is required of you by the others of your kind, your race…but just the basics. Then you graduate from your first school and go on to another school, to learn other things. You learn mathematical skills, communication skills. We are, of course, leaving out here the energies, which are put into your psyche to control you. So you could say that when you have a life on Earth, you learn. Or perhaps you sit at the back of the class and don’t do anything. But if you are a keen student, you come forward, you absorb the information, you learn and then you go to the thing called death. That is your graduation. Then you realize there is much more to learn, so you go to the next level of school—you incarnate again, you go through the next class, and if you are a keen and diligent student you learn anything you need to learn and then you die, you graduate all over again. And then you decide to come back and take the next class and learn.
As you learn, you learn to balance the experiences. You learn to balance the energies. You understand that it is desirable not to do things unto others that you would not like to have done unto you. Some students take longer, some decide to take the scenic route home, and others buy a ticket on the straight through express. There is no judgment, either way is perfect. Either way is perfect for each and every one. Mother/Father God is compassionate and nonjudgmental and forgives you for everything, you could say, before you ever did it. It is only yourselves that are holding the sins in your hearts. When you go to your priests and ask them about sin, or you confess your sins, they never tell you about the freedom that you achieve through the balancing of these energies.
~Archangel Michael channeled by John Armitage, 1998
I’ve taken a lot of scenic routes—how about you? But then, we’re here to experience life as a human in 3D, right? So Source/Creator, God/Goddess/All-That-Is can explore Itself.


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  1. I see this controversial to the post of illusionary heaven where it’s said you go to recycle of souls when you incarnate. I’m a bit confused. If every incarnation is slavery, where is the free will and how the avatars for example are allowed to enter that matrix if its controlled. They must be also part of it.


    1. Well, reincarnation isn’t exactly “slavery”. We are enslaved to our own attitudes, emotions, decisions that keep our vibrational level below that which would allow us to transition to 5th dimension. Of course, there are energies, entities etc. that work to make sure we keep our low vibrational attitudes, etc., but it’s our job to rise above all that. We do it by opening our hearts to Love without condition and without judgment, for ourself and others. Once we decide to let go of the illusion of separation and acknowledge our oneness with all life, then we are on the road to break out of the reincarnation cycle. It’s a lot easier nowadays than it was before the changeover in Dec. 2012, but we still have to do the work.


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