John Armitage, of course, has his own inimitable way of describing ascension:

As you quit this dimensional reality, whether you do that through physical ascension or through actually leaving your body, I don’t really see that one method is better than another. I mean, although some people feel that full body ascension is more glamorous than dropping dead, that’s judgment, you know. Dropping dead is just changing consciousness.

Humans are not really attracted to dropping dead. They’ve got this thing, “I need my body!” They don’t understand that, actually, being born is a much more difficult process than dying. But it’s just the way things are. You know, ‘I’ve got a lovely car and a nice house and a lot of money or whatever, I don’t want to leave it behind. I need my body!’ And all that bit.

Depending on which way you choose to actually leave (of course everybody will ultimately), for me I see that you have to really make it to 8th or 9th dimensional reality. So you need to have compatible vibrations with that level of manifestational creation. Because that really just takes away from all the attractions of 3rd dimension, the attractions of the body, the attractions of the things you can do with the body, you know the senses, sight, sound, smell, all that stuff.

I’m incredulous how attracted people are to this planet. People are dying to get here! They take birth after birth after birth after birth, get themselves more and more confused, more and more confused. It seems like it gets harder and harder for them to get out of the illusory aspects of life here. For me, heading out, raising your vibrations, even if you can’t make it to Source so to speak, as an individual, set your sights high, and go for it. Just decide, “I don’t need that experience anymore.”

Of course, a lot of people come here at special times, and this is a special time. That’s why there are a lot of special people incarnate on the planet. There’s even angels incarnating every day, never been here before. It’s incredible, the amount of attraction to what’s going on here. It’s just such a new thing.

Ten years ago we were saying, “We’re going to ascend to the 5th dimension.” But the expansion of consciousness has been so rapid, and the plan is an open-ended plan. Not only is this earth going to ascend, the whole universe is going to ascend. That’s just changed in ten years. And ten years is nothing out of the whole of creation. It might seem a long time if you’re hanging out and waiting. It might seem awhile in a human body, but out of infinity it isn’t anything. I mean, just in the flick of a finger we’ve done that, as the human race. Ultimately where we’re going, the plan is totally open-ended. Humans have definitely surprised the Creator, Mother/Father God, as his/her own Creation, certainly surprised the other creator gods, the Elohim and the others, and the councils, too. Some of them are standing around with their mouths open. “Wow. That lot is really getting it together.”





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