John Armitage:

We’d like to bust some of the myths around ascension. There’s so much rubbish around. People don’t really understand what the whole process is about. Ascension is not an escape route from planet earth. Ultimately what I’ve learned since I took my last level of ascension, in 1996, is that we have to get here really as human beings, not hanging about in other realities. At one time I used to be a total space case; people would say, “This guy’s really cool, so spiritual.” But actually we were just hanging around between realities and not really here in any reality.
Be here now, as a human being, or you can’t ascend. Actually, you are spiritual beings having a human experience. You’re not lowly humans struggling to have a spiritual experience. It’s not like that. Turns the idea of having to struggle to be spiritual on it’s head. You have to be Real–a real human being.
Understand what being human is about. When we get grounded into a human body, we have to understand how our insane ego tries to rule us, how we respond to emotional programming, religious programming, sociological programming and so on. All these programs actually in many ways prevent us from having an actual human experience.
So you just have to know that, “Yes, I do have an emotional body. OK, I need to get it into harmony and balance, but if I have to do that, it’s all right. If I have to live adventures which bring me into understanding, it’s all right.” It’s not a question of judging yourself for not understanding that you are already perfect, NOW. It’s all a journey, step by step by step. It’s much simpler than we thought. All we have to do is live and accept that we are human beings and we do face challenges, and embrace them with love, and OWN everything. Don’t blame things on others. When we experience imbalance, just remember, we create it ourselves, so own it. OK, I understand it, I created it, I own it, I love it, I let it go. What can be simpler?
More or less everybody on planet earth, whether or not they’re into this search for expanded awareness, or expanded consciousness if you want to call it that, have taken at least 3 or 4 or 5 levels of ascension already. So then you ask yourself, “What am I doing here, if I’ve already ascended before?” You just chose descension for a change! Remember? You’re spiritual beings here having another human experience, and to go on to the next levels.
John Armitage (Living in Freedom, p. 68)


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