A reader recently made some interesting comments about the Archangel Michael and Illusions of the Matrix posts. Since I am new to blogging and am still learning the ropes, so to speak, these comments didn’t get seen until days later, and are now somewhat buried in the former posts.  So I include them below, along with my answer, and invite anyone else out there to add their input.

I see this [Archangel Michael on Karma] controversial to the post of illusionary heaven where it’s said you go to recycle of souls when you incarnate. I’m a bit confused. If every incarnation is slavery, where is the free will and how the avatars for example are allowed to enter that matrix if its controlled. They must be also part of it.–Bodhi

Here is my reply:

Well, reincarnation isn’t exactly “slavery”. We are enslaved to our own attitudes, emotions, decisions that keep our vibrational level below that which would allow us to transition to 5th dimension. Of course, there are energies, entities etc. that work to make sure we keep our low vibrational attitudes, etc., but it’s our job to rise above all that. We do it by opening our hearts to Love without condition and without judgment, for ourself and others. Once we decide to let go of the illusion of separation and acknowledge our oneness with all life, then we are on the road to break out of the reincarnation cycle. It’s a lot easier nowadays than it was before the changeover in Dec. 2012, but we still have to do the work.–PB

Anyone out there have something to add?  I remember how deeply scary it was when I realized that no God or Ascended Masters or Miraculous Extraterrestrials were going to swoop in and save us from ourselves.  And yet, it was also exciting, because at the same time I was learning how truly powerful I AM, and what I can do when I begin to believe in myself.  This was at the Mt. Shasta 1998 workshop with John Armitage. I could choose the fear and continue to feel impotent and a victim, or I could choose to accept the inner KNOWING that energy moves when I tell it to.  I decided to accept whole heartedly responsibility for myself and my life.  After all, I now knew that I was creating my life through my unconscious belief systems and fears; so why not start creating it from my consciousness, from love and non-judgment?  I decided I wanted to live in the freedom that aligning myself with the Love without conditions and non-judgment brings, and I have never turned back.

Is it easy? Not always! It may seem easier at times to curl up into a ball and pull a metaphorical blanket over my head.  “It’s not my fault! Help! I’m the victim here!” and to get caught in the illusion that I can escape responsibility for my self and my decisions.  But since this is illusion, then I’m living a lie.  Recently I saw a quote attributed to Will Rogers: “When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging!”  I might add, “And start climbing!”

Is it worth it?  As Master Germain tells us, “Freedom is the only thing worth spending time on.”

In Love, Phyllis

Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions: New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, by Phyllis M. Brooks–www.balboapress.com or Amazon, etc. or from me.


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