John Armitage:

How many levels of ascension are there? To bring it to human understanding, once you achieve your 12th level of ascension you become Source yourself. This changes the ideas of humans about themselves. Humans believe that Source is the be-all and end-all of everything. But ultimately, you as human beings, everybody on planet earth, after 12th level you become Source yourself and can create your own universe, and the beings that populate it. This is rather different than the idea that we’ll ascend to the 5th dimension and hang out. How boring would that be? Just hanging out in the 5th dimension for all eternity. It’s just another step along the way. …
You can either individually ascend, have a planetary ascension, or a universal ascension. On this planet right now we are going through a level of ascension. The vibrations are changing. Individual ascension is possible, but actually when we have a planetary ascension, everybody will go anyway.
So what about the people who don’t want to go? What about free will? Ultimately we have created another 3D planet for them. They can incarnate again to carry on the control systems, create money, build weapons, fight each other until such times as they are ready to move. It’s all free will and a journey.
What the project is now is to assist people in understanding these things, and to pass on energies which assist people in activating their energy systems, to be ready for the next piece of personal ascension—with clearing meditations and activations and such.
Another big misconception is that you have to be very serious about it all. You can laugh your way to enlightenment. You don’t have to be so serious. We have to learn to integrate the joy. You have dormant information in your DNA. Actually a large percentage of the codes that you need, that are required [for ascension], you already have, but they’re lying dormant, the right buttons haven’t been pressed yet to activate them. All in good time, as each one is ready.
Lots of people think that to ascend you have to be holy or something. It’s not true. It’s nothing to do with holiness. In fact, holiness has nothing to do with any of this. Holiness is self-repression and living in the expectations that others have of holiness. That’s why when people say, “How can you smoke and be holy, Baba?” I say, “No problem. I’m not holy. Next question.” I used to be very spiritual, but I’m not at all now. I managed to kick the habit. I’m a rehabilitated spiritual person.
So as I said, it’s all to do with light. Everyone thinks that Jesus ascended. He never did. The story makes people think that heaven’s up there and all. He didn’t ascend. It was activation of his sacred geometry to merkaba speed, and then he disappeared into another reality. Melchizedek, Elijah, and Enoch activated his sacred geometry and pfft! Where is he? Gone. So they came up with the story that he ascended into Heaven.
Of course there is such a place as Heaven, but it’s an illusory place in time and space, in the 4th dimensional reality. There’s several different versions of Heaven of course—all in the upper 4th dimension. With true ascension we go beyond all that, out of illusion into reality.
John Armitage (Living in Freedom, p. 68)


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