What is FREEDOM? We often talk about freedom “from” something—freedom from want, from hunger, from restrictive rules and oppression by people, groups or governments. We also talk about freedom “to” do or be—freedom to vote for those who govern us, freedom to get an education, freedom to live our own lives, separate from our parents or others. Women speak of freedom to walk down a city street at night with no danger of being accosted or attacked. People who live in inner city ghettos speak of freedom to not get shot by gangs or police. Our ideas of what freedom means are wide-ranging.
But when we analyze all of the things that “freedom” means to us, it comes down to one thing: freedom from fear. Fear is the ultimate monster in the closet, tightness in the chest, bogey man in the psyche. Most of us are ruled by fear, and this fear is all the more powerful for being hidden under all the guises mentioned above. What are we truly afraid of? For most it is ceasing to exist—whether from lack of funds, lack of love, lack of recognition from others, pain, health issues. For those in very poor or war torn countries it can be lack of food, lack of shelter, not feeling safe. To avoid facing our deepest fears, we allow them to control us, and we allow those who fan these fears in us—from media to politicians—to control our lives. We give our power away in the name of our fear.
I have learned that truly I am in charge of my own life. Even if I decide to live as a victim, I am choosing that—perhaps not consciously. But in reality, by avoiding facing my fears and by allowing life to just happen around me and “to” me, I am choosing that. When I truly awaken to myself, I know that I am in charge and can change what I don’t want in my life. This is true freedom.
The path to this freedom is through allowing Love into our hearts, listening and being guided by our hearts.

Brian Grattan has said, through John Armitage:

I encourage you to understand that the Love is always around you. It is there. It is there to freely interact with, to soar upon its energies into realms of freedom that you’ve never dreamt were possible. Freedom from the 3rd dimension, from the illusion of separation. Freedom from the “Wheel of Birth and Death” as it is called. Soar to new heights, heights of consciousness which you have experienced before, but you have chosen to forget. So, my brothers and sisters, remember, you don’t have to struggle to be free. You already are, if you make up your mind to be.
It is very simple. It is all a question of a change of mind. A change in the way you think. Instead of “I am trapped in slavery,” “I AM free, I AM that I AM, the Mahatma in Love.”

Master Germain says:

There is nothing else in creation other than freedom worth spending time on. Yes, freedom in LOVE. So stop searching. Look within and be free.

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