John Armitage/Hari Das Baba & the Upstairs Dept:

Our minds are very limited anyway. We can expand our minds in some ways, so we can sometimes understand a broader concept of things. But this part of us that we call mind isn’t multi-cosmic. It can’t understand even the concept of multi-cosmic. It can’t understand the manifestation of multi-cosmic things. It can only understand reference points that it has in 3D, through 3D experiences.

So we’re always encouraging you, don’t get technical with all this. Some things are explicable in a technical manner, this is true, but once we start moving into the realms of cosmic and multi-cosmic consciousness, there’s nothing to say about it from the standpoint of mind. It becomes an affair of the heart, not of the mind. And the heart doesn’t work like the mind. It doesn’t have the same way of processing things. It doesn’t need reference points. Actually, the heart knows everything.

This is why we’ve often said to you in the past that there is nothing new in Creation, there’s only things we haven’t experienced before. Everything exists within us. Just remember, if our spark of consciousness, the Divine Self, or even this spark of Cosmic Consciousness that is behind the Divine Self or Monad, is a piece of the Cosmic aspect of the Source of this aspect of creation, well, we’re everything, aren’t we. There’s nothing new to see. There’s only a new mode of allowance into, and to move out of these self-constructed limitations.

One of the voices of the Masters on the Mahatma track says, the essence of it, “We’ll bring freedom from the fetters of your consciousness.” This is all self-constructed. Of course, there has been a great deal of assistance in this construction, so we won’t lay it all on each individual. We also have the collective consciousness, as well, which is stored away in the Christ Consciousness grid. And we’re all hooked to the collective consciousness. So even if we don’t get completely brainwashed through the education system and our families and religion, we’re still hooked to the collective consciousness. So we’re being fed these constructs, in a subconscious way, and it comes into our consciousness.

This is why it’s really, really important, and we’re always asking you to pay attention to what you’re feeding into the collective consciousness. This is why Gandhi used to say, “Be the change you want to see.” As you change, it feeds into the collective consciousness. This gives every other being who is hooked into the collective consciousness the opportunity to receive the information and download it. The information isn’t in concise sentences or anything like this. It’s energetic imprints, which various aspects of the Self translate into knowing, or whatever, or even translate it into unknowing—but it affects us. So this is why we’re always saying to you, “Please take care, please take care, and please take care.” What’s happening to humanity now—I’m sure you’ve heard of this phrase the “Hundredth Monkey Syndrome”. Let’s go beyond the Hundredth Monkey label for this. This explains how things work with the interactions of collective consciousness with ourselves, and what we feed into the collective consciousness.

There’s nothing really complicated about all this. It’s all very simple. We could go into weeks and weeks of discussion about how this manifests into our consciousness and so on, but we don’t need to know all that. All we need to know is that it does. The technicalities about it are not important. We all just need to know that it does.

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