What do we mean by “multidimensional’? We in the Western world are used to thinking in only 3 dimensions. When we talk about our bodies, we are usually referring to the 3D seemingly solid body that we walk around in, that bumps into tables occasionally, and that sometimes gets sick and doesn’t function so well. (Living in Freedom and Love, p. 22)

Actually, we are energy. We are composed of innumerable atoms. Ask any physicist what is the major component of an atom, and you will be told “space”. There is a nucleus of each atom, and then there are the electrons spinning around it, which are really sparks of charged energy. We are energy.

The universe is energy, different “dimensions” or levels of energy at different frequencies. The frequency of 3D is quite a low frequency, compared to the rest of the universe. This makes us appear more “solid” than entities residing in higher frequencies. We are just vibrating much slower than they are, so we cannot (usually) “see” them with our 3D vision.

We humans exist also in higher dimensions, higher frequencies, but most of us have forgotten how to connect with the higher parts of ourself, if we even believe that they are there. We sometimes speak of our “higher self” or our “soul” or perhaps of our “I Am Presence”. This last is the 8th dimensional part of our being. It is the part that knows its connection to Source and the All, that most of us have forgotten.

The truth is that we are not lowly humans trying to evolve; we are multidimensional beings who have chosen to have a human experience. How did we get here? John Armitage puts it this way:

You answered a call:
“Volunteers needed for Source. You will experience
the illusion of non-love
no good wages
for an indefinite period.
You will get back to consciousness of the Oneness—eventually.”

We are here to experience this dimensional reality for Source, and to eventually get out of the illusion of separation, and to find out who we really are.

We are multidimensional. We are energy. We are God/Goddess/All-That-Is.

For help in connecting with YOUR I Am Presence, go to  (meditation starts around 33:00)


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