Western medicine doctors and researchers, for the most part, deal only with this physical vehicle of five recognized senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. The very term “scientific method” requires that something be measurable within the third dimension and these recognized senses, in order to be acknowledged as legitimate. Of course, some physicists have discovered that the results of all experiments are affected by the observer, and that there are at least 11 dimensions [actually 12 available to humans at this time], but this knowledge has yet to convince the majority of people in today’s science fields to reconsider their current conception of “the scientific method” and its possible inadequacies and limitations. [Living in Freedom and Love, p.22]

Those of us who work with higher dimensional energies understand how extremely limiting such belief systems are, because we have experienced multidimensional energy and how it can help us regain and maintain balance in our bodies. We also know that our physical body is much more extensive than what we can see with 3D vision. We have an etheric body, an emotional body, a mental body, and a series of spiritual bodies that extend way out beyond our skin. Anyone paying attention can feel energy radiating from an angry person, or someone in despair, anxiety, or joy for instance. We have energy fields that interact with each other and affect each other.

Of course, anyone paying attention back in 1492 could see that the horizon curved around and things disappeared after a distance, which meant that the world was round; but not that many people were paying attention, because it went against their belief systems. Humans are funny that way.

In fact, our beliefs have a great affect on our physical health. We don’t make the world flat by believing that it is, or make the sun revolve around the earth because we want it that way, but we can affect our own bodies by our beliefs. Thoughts are energy. Remember? We are energy. Thoughts are energy. So our thoughts can and do affect us—not only our conscious thoughts, but especially those patterns of thought and behavior stored in our subconscious.

As Bruce H. Lipton, PhD and renowned cell biologist says, in The Biology of Belief:

We are not powerless biochemical machines. … Our beliefs control our bodies, our minds, and thus our lives.


While proper use of consciousness can bring health to an ailing body, inappropriate unconscious control of emotions can easily make a healthy body diseased.

And O.T. Bonnett, M.D. in his book, How Healing Happens:

Within the constricted focus of its belief system, the medical profession has made great strides. However, the allopaths’ mechanistic approach to the body and its ailments is, I’m certain, doomed to grind to a halt. The reason for this is that the principles behind its narrow focus are basically wrong. …Physicians must become involved with life—with the whole living person.

This is not to denigrate the truly marvelous advances in medical science, but only to put them in perspective by fitting them into the larger picture of who and what we really are. For the scientists among you, and for anyone else wanting to understand the complex and beautiful beings that we truly are, I highly recommend Dr. Lipton’s and Dr. Bonnett’s books!


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