Most disease originates as thought (electro-magnetic in origin) which, if not brought back into balance, moves down vibrationally into emotion. Then, if this energy is not released, it continues to move down in frequency until it affects the functioning of the physical body. Our thoughts and emotions, to a very great extent, determine the state of our health. Treating physical symptoms with chemical substances can only affect such problems in the physical. Drugs leave the original cause untreated. We can achieve some physical comfort from pharmaceuticals (often with unintended side effects), but only we ourselves can initiate true healing, by changing our attitudes. In this effort, the vibrational or energetic methods and remedies can prove very useful. This includes homeopathic, flower and gem remedies, acupuncture and -pressure, hands on energy sessions (such as New Paradigm MDT with the energies of Shamballa, and other modalities), etc.

When we release fear and all of its manifestations—such as anger, despair, anxiety, hatred—we start on the road to wellness, to balance and mastery. (Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, p. 27)

We also bring tendencies to various imbalances or diseases over from other lifetimes, if we have not sufficiently resolved those traumas in our psyches. For instance, I have felt intense pain in a certain part of my back, on and off, throughout this lifetime. Psychically sighted friends have “seen” various spear points, knives, bullets, etc. in this spot. As one is removed another eventually comes up to take its place. The original injury was traumatic enough that I did not resolve it; I transferred my feelings of victimization, betrayal etc. to other lifetimes, thus creating energy that drew to me similar incidents, which piled up like layers of an onion, and now need to be peeled back, layer by layer.

I have found this to be true with many others while doing Soul Wisdom™ karmic clearings. Someone who is having digestive problems may have been disemboweled in another lifetime. Another who feels worthless has been indoctrinated with that idea during a painful death. Another who has come down with an inexplicable rash has been burned at the stake, and the unresolved pain is just now coming up for clearing. We all have such traumas stored in our subconscious from this and other lifetimes, and this is all coming up for clearing NOW. Modern medicine finds such manifestations baffling. They don’t fit into its doctrines of 3D medicine, chemical cause and effect, and everything treatable by pharmaceuticals.

YOU are the only one who can heal yourself. Others can give you energy, can suggest ways of releasing old pain and trauma, can even prescribe pain-killers to postpone the ultimate encounter with your personal demons. But only YOU can decide to release your pain, victimization, anger, fear & terror, hatred, etc. Let it go and be free. I have a mantra that I repeat when I encounter such emotions in myself, or such physical manifestations of the unresolved past. I share it with you now: “I own this, I forgive this, I release this, I let this go. I AM FREE!”

Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind. It is only a symptom of the cause. Dr. Edward Bach

Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions is available from myself or or or order from your local bookstore.


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Metaphysical teacher, author, seeker. New Paradigm MDT, Soul Wisdom remote energy clearings, Taliloquay Vibrational Remedies. Artist.

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