There are two types of “channeling” commonly used today for communicating with other dimensional beings. With the first type, you contact the energy with which you wish to communicate and allow its energy to borrow your voice for a bit, or you take dictation if you are writing instead of speaking. Or you can just speak and receive in your head, silently. YOU are still present and can follow what is going on. Those who do energy work are channeling energy from higher dimensions in order to help others heal.

In the second type, or trance channeling, you vacate your body, which is taken over by the other entity for awhile. It speaks through your body, but you are not present.

“Channeling” is merely a means of communication between entities of different worlds and dimensions. The “channel” is the tube of light, or antahkarana, which connects the major chakras in the body to each other, as well as grounding them into the earth, and connecting upwards (in frequency) through the cosmic aspects of our being, to Source (depending on the vibrational rate of the channeler). John tells us that channeling is a natural talent, usually suppressed nowadays, but intrinsic to the human makeup. No channeling is 100% accurate at this time, as the message is being translated through the psyche of the channeler and is inevitably colored by his or her emotional body. 50-60% accuracy is considered very good. Germain has told John that his accuracy is above 85%.
Trance channeling is always correct, not necessarily the information contained in the channeling, but the words of the entity being channeled are exactly what they are saying; of course, the entity can be a trickster. John does not do or advocate trance channeling, because he does not give his body away completely to another entity. As he often says, “Don’t give your power away to anybody or anything!” (Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, p. xx)

People tend to have one of two reactions to the concept of channeling and channeled information. The first is fear—fear of being “taken over” by another entity, and/or fear of being tricked. The second is an almost religious belief in anything that comes channeled from other dimensional entities, no matter who or what it is. Both of these are not useful.

John Armitage/Hari Das Baba:

The first rule of channeling is “open mouth”. People make all kinds of excuses not to channel. They make all kinds of judgments about the channelers. A number of years ago I was double-checking some channeling with Ashtar, and Ashtar said to me, “There’s one thing you have to learn, Das, there’s not a perfect channeler in the whole of Creation. Channeling comes through your brain, through your mind. You’re also grounding the energy through your body. So it’s also affected by your emotional body.” What it showed me was, if there aren’t any perfect channels, then that’s all right. It just shows you that you must be discerning. Some people really try to give their power away to channelers. There’s people that won’t go to the restroom unless they consult a channeler. They won’t turn a light on. That kind of thing is giving your power away.


Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, available from me or Balboa Press or Amazon or order it through your local bookstore.


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