How do you channel? Through our channel, sometimes called the antahkarana. Here’s John on how to channel:

This antahkarana is actually very easy to activate. When you activate your antahkarana, you will be able to channel energy, which you can convert to information.
I find the channeling process very, very easy. I do find it very difficult, often, to understand why people aren’t just doing it. After all, you can walk, you can talk, you know how to eat, and all these other things, but you deny yourselves that gift, that gift of channeling. And you deny yourself for all kinds of reasons. You deny it because you may not feel “good enough”, a lack of self worth. You deny it because you think that the Multi-Dimensional Masters, the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa or whatever you want to call them, are actually better than you are, just because they’ve ascended. It’s kind of that same religious thing all over again, such as, “The priests are better than us, so we have to give our power away to them.” Or, “I can’t be a priest! They have to intercede with God on my behalf.” Very, very deep conditioning, whether it’s through Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, whatever. Very deep-seated conditioning. So the first thing that you have to integrate into your own minds is that you are a great channeler this minute, you are a great channeler this second, each and every one. All you have to do is to get on with it, and don’t deny it.
We make jokes about channeling, “Where did it come from? Was that me?” “Was that message from God? Ah no, I was talking to myself. Shit!” Or:“Oh, I have a message from God. Why would God be talking to me?” God would be talking to me, or to you, because you are God and Goddess. So why wouldn’t God/Goddess talk to you? Why wouldn’t the Ascended Masters talk to you? After all, they’ve achieved their mastery. That’s it. They’re not in charge or anything. People think, “Oh, Masters. They’re in charge of everything.” They’re not in charge of anything except themselves. The same as every other Master should be in charge of her/himself, in other words integrating their Mastery. Other than that, they’re in charge of nothing. So there isn’t any of the energy of the stationmaster, the postmaster, the schoolmaster, or any other masters you’ve come across in your life, that tried to impress you or force you into doing things you didn’t want to do. The Ascended Masters don’t do things like that.
The term Ascended Master (Germain likes this one) merely implies that they’ve achieved Mastery in such a way that they can move inter- dimensionally without going through the process that human beings call “death”. That’s what they’ve integrated. Mastery on that level. So there isn’t any point in trying to give your power away to them. They don’t want it. They don’t want followers, either. All they want is to work with you, on an equal basis, person to person, energy to energy, Master to Master, created being to created being. Nothing else.
Any energy that comes to you and says, “I am an Ascended Master, you WILL DO THIS” [Das makes a familiar gesture with his finger] is the reply. When they say, “You will do this!” it’s control. True Masters aren’t into control, they’re into empowerment. I’ll say that again. We’re not into control, we’re into empowerment. They may make suggestions that can make your life easier, that will help you along the path a little bit, but they never say, “You HAVE to do this.” And they never say things like, “If you don’t do this, you’ll never make it.”
Because as many individuals as there are in the whole creation, there’s an individual path for each one. That’s why religion doesn’t work, in the way that it’s taught. Understand that when things get very, very organized, it all turns into a control system as well.
I love this joke. The devil was walking along one day on earth with his right-hand man. They’re just strolling along. They see a man walking along in front of them. The man bends down and picks something up. He says, “Wow, a fragment of the Truth!” The right-hand man turns to the devil and says, “Look, Master, he’s just discovered a fragment of the Truth!” And the devil said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll arrange to get it organized.” That is the bottom line in all this tightly organized stuff. It becomes a control system. So these Masters, these beings who have achieved mastery of multi-dimensionality, are never going to try and control you. It isn’t the way things work. Empowerment through freedom is the way it goes.
(Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, pp 78-83)

Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions available from me, Balboa Press, Amazon, or order from your local bookstore.


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