Stepping into your Mastery is an opportunity to step out of the childhood state of feeling powerless, a potential victim needing outside protection by some all-powerful deity against some evil energy “out there”, to become fully adult, in the spiritual sense. This means your heart fully open in Love without conditions, listening to and being guided by the Divine Presence within, the I Am Presence, your own higher Self.  It means taking full responsibility for yourself and your life.  It means dropping the blinders and blindfolds with which humanity has limited and constricted itself for so long, to step into limitless freedom and joy. It means consciously walking the path of a multidimensional, limitless being, knowing that this is the birthright of all humans, if they but open to it. It means the buck stops here.

Master Germain tells us (through John Armitage):

Mastery has to do with life. Mastery is to do with sovereignty: sovereignty over your life, sovereignty over your energy, sovereignty over your creations. By now you should know that you are creators and co-creators. Each and every one of you has the potential to create worlds, create universes, create ecosystems. Let that information pass through your conscious mind. Let that memory start to sit, as a memory, in your cellular structure.

By now you could be thinking, “How could I do this?” For many, at this moment, it is not a viable project or proposition. That isn’t a judgment, it’s a reminder that you’re not accepting who and what you are, each and every one of you, in this moment. Each and every one of you is god and goddess NOW. Every one of you, every sub-atomic particle, every microtron and super electron, is a carbon copy of the whole of creation. As above, so below, Sananda [Jesus] said in his Palestinian ministry. He was trying to remind you of who and what you are.

Step out of the constraints of your present consciousness, the self-imposed constraints of doubt and fear, into a place of mastership, beauty, harmony, and abundance. Mastership is about understanding that you are the creator of your life in this moment, and the co-creator of what is happening in all of creation at this moment.

When you look outside yourselves and you see something that sparks your inner fire, your temper, anger, those kinds of reactions, understand that that thing which you say that you don’t like and you judge, on one level you helped to create it.

How so? If you believe that there is one Source of all life, then everything that happens must be part of that One. If you trust in the process of life, in divine timing with no accidents, if you believe that every experience you have is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery, and if you believe that your life essence is eternal, how can you judge yourself, an event, the choice or action of another person, as right, wrong, good, bad, or as anything other than an expression of the One?

So then, you allow every experience to unfold magically in front of you. And as it unfolds magically in front of you, to accept the magic, allowing the magic to be in your life, to be in your hearts, to be in your minds.

[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp 39-41]


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