John Armitage/aka Hari Das Baba:

I say, if it’s happening to me, it’s happening to me. I don’t ask, “Is this all right?” That’s disempowering myself. I don’t ask anything outside of myself if something is all right. Because that actually means that I consider somewhere in my consciousness, no matter how deep down it’s hidden in my cellular structure, that I’m a victim of something, and that I am not actually in control of my reality.

People ask, “How do you protect yourself?” Well, I never protect myself, because I AM divine protection. Because I’m not a victim. It’s all about changing the way that we think, and standing in our own power. Although the others, the Elohim and the masters and the other billions of them hanging out in multi-dimensional reality can aid us, we should never give our power away to them.

So I never say, “Is this all right?” I make up my mind. Is this in accord with the will of my I Am Presence? “Hey, I Am Presence, is this cool?” “Sure, Baba, it’s cool.”

It’s so deep in the consciousness, so deep in the cellular structure, the programming in the DNA, “Give your power away, give your power away. You’re a victim, you’re a victim, you’re a victim. You can’t stand in your own power.” This is what we’re working on getting over—this programming that there’s nothing you can do. Because you can actually do everything! Everything in a second! If you integrate the fact that you can.

Cultivate the frame of mind, “Yes, I am all powerful! When I say energy moves, it does!”
[Living in Freedom and Love, pp. 41ff]

Here is a very important message for everybody on planet Earth. NEVER, NEVER EVER TRY TO GIVE YOU POWER AWAY TO SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF.

There seems to be an idea in the collective consciousness on planet Earth, through conditioning, that there is always something or somebody outside of yourself that knows everything. It is not true. It is another thing happening upon the planet in order to keep the energy of disempowerment in the consciousness of the people.

[Whether it’s to] the priests or ministers of the religions, or the governments, or more recently the Ascended Masters, people just want to give away their power. If you insist on giving away your power, give it to your own I Am Presence, and allow the glory of your I Am Presence to manifest through your physicality in this dimensional reality; because your I Am Presence is not something separate from yourself. The reason why you are living in this physical body in this moment is that your I Am Presence chose that….Your I Am Presence uses this body to experience in this dimensional reality. Because of the interaction with the collectively created illusion of this dimension, people forget that.
[Living in Freedom and Love, pp. 51ff]


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