Spokesperson from The Confederation of Free Worlds, continued:

Would you understand that Mother Earth is a multi-dimensional being like you are? She has a body in every dimensional reality, just as you do, and it is the same for her and her children. When she decides to take her ascension, she just integrates in another dimensional aspect of herself.
You have the choice of making those steps along with her. As said, Mother/Father God is in no hurry, and if you don’t wish to make the steps into wholeness and power, that’s all right. There is no judgment. We already have other planets prepared for you where you can continue to disempower each other, print your money and build your weapons, control each other through lack of food, through lack of education, materially and spiritually, lack of resources and housing, until such times that you realize that this is not what true life is.
For us, we would see that the most preferable choice is to move into your own power and cease the struggle. Ask yourself: “Is my continual struggle making me happy? Does my continuous denial of my god/goddess-ness help me in standing in my own power? Does it make things easy for me in my life?” We would hope for you, not for us, because we love you exactly as you are without judgment, but we would hope for you that the answer would be: “I want to make changes now”
Of course, the constant human question is “How?” The answer in totality from Mother/Father God is “Just do it”. Just allow the glory of your I Am Presence to manifest through you. There is no question or argument. At this moment the human race stands upon a crossroad. The more people are standing in their own power at this moment will have a strong effect on what happens to the human race next. Would you prefer the creation of a heavenly situation upon the Earth? When we say a heavenly situation, we don’t mean anything religious or Biblical. A heavenly situation is where all are taken care of, supported and loved, and given the situations that they need to learn who and what they are. Or would you prefer another ongoing period of struggle?
There is a choice, but I know, we know, that humans deep within them have knowledge of their god/goddess-ness. It is not only coded in their light bodies, but in their DNA. Deep down everybody longs for this Oneness and this wholeness. Our advice to you is not to long for it, but to do it.
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 53ff]


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