Spokesperson from The Confederation of Free Worlds (through John Armitage), continued:

We are a group of beings that are a collective consciousness. We are not the Ascended Masters, we are a group of multi-dimensional and beings from multiple worlds, humanoids, reptilians and insectoids. We belong to a group which is know as the Protectors of the Emerald Covenants of the Free Worlds, and our group, or you can say our organization, is know as the Confederation of Free Worlds.
You might ask: “Is planet Earth a member of the Confederation of Free Worlds?” We would say to you officially, “Not yet”. For the simple reason that human beings haven’t realized their freedom yet. Or I would rephrase that slightly and say that there are many human beings that still have to realize their freedom.
This day is coming quickly. This is why we are asking each and every one of you to stand in your own power, because then you will achieve freedom. When you stand in your own power, you cannot be coerced by governments, for you are not afraid of governments anymore. The most extreme scenario is that they can destroy your human body. Notice that I didn’t say the worst, I said the most extreme, for you can always incarnate again, so it is not really bad, it is just a change of body. As you stand in your power, you are free from the fear of oppression. You become unshakable in the faith that you are pure love, that you are Mother/Father God incarnated in this body. The will of Mother/Father God will manifest through you.
You have choice, humans: spend another few million years in the slavery of the illusion, or be free now. We hope you make the choice of freedom, so we can welcome you with open arms into the Confederation of Free Peoples.
My friends, I have told you who we are, we have told you what we do. We have given you some ideas, some advice and information. Don’t give your power away to us; we have all the power in creation. Stand in your own power and be the gods and goddesses that you are, incarnated on Earth. Don’t campaign for peace outside of yourself. Make peace with yourself. As your great teacher, your great master Gandhi spoke, “Be the change you want to see upon your earth, and though your change everything changes.”
With our love we leave you now. My name is not important. I am just a spokesperson for this group. This channel has agreed that, within the coming one or two years, he will convey some of our messages to you. We will, at some time perhaps, give you some names, but at this time names are not important, and we know the human potential for getting caught up with names. At this time we will only say that you may know me as the spokesperson.
My friends, in the energy of Mother/Father God’s perfection and purity, I salute each and every human upon this planet, and we leave you in showers of our love.
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 53ff]


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