The following is a meditation from Pan, channeled through my friend Mark S.  Pan is the spirit, the energy of all Nature–throughout the universe, not just on this world.  It is not a goat-footed pipe-playing wood sprite, although it can take that form if that is what you require when communicating with It!

Pan, through Mark S:

Bring energy down from the Central Sun into your heart space, and radiate it through your body. Let that sit for at least a minute. Now attach this tie with the Central Sun to it’s own “attention”, separate from the rest of your reality. This is a space in your mind that will be a continuous process of bringing in the love from the Central Sun, for every lifetime if you wish, in the future.

Now reach down into the earth, separate from the last attention. Bring up the love of Gaia and fill every cell in your body with her love. Hold this for about a minute or more.

Allow both attentions to feed you with the love of creation. One is more physical than the other. This is the center of your power. This is anchoring your I Am in the “real” world. Let your body fill with a mixture of both of these energies. The world we live in has undergone an energy shift, which is the beginning of a new era of freedom; but we must all do the work to bring about the manifestation of this freedom. With both the love of Gaia and the love from the Central Sun filling your body, there is no room for fear. Feel that. Hold it for a minute or more…

This is the best antidote for fear, for being both loves is to be in the now, ever changing, ever growing.

Now set up another attention, where you are master of your own movement. You say when to begin, you say when to stop. You are entirely in control of yourself. Hold this state for a minute or more…

Move from the state of no-fear into the state of movement. The movement is because you say to move. Hold that state with the love of Gaia and the love of the central sun for a minute or more, in movement. Feel the generation of energy. The energy that’s not used for each movement, store in the solar plexus for use later. Practice storing for a minute…

Feel the storing in the marrow of your long bones. Feel that for a minute…

Feel the activity of your thymus during the storage…Remember when you did this as a child, 3-5 yrs. old, when you were doubling your weight. This storage is done the same way, creating incredible power. Practice this in the morning when you wake up, before you get up. Practice at night when you are in bed, just before you go to sleep. With these tools we can conquer all the “demons” that stop us from being loving through and through. In the name of freedom and loving kindness, MANIFEST!


For those who would like more information on Pan, I suggest reading the books of Michael J. Roads.  Or just go out and walk in Nature, with an open mind and heart!

Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, available from me or Balboa Press or Amazon or order it through your local bookstore.


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