John Armitage/aka Hari Das Baba on fundamentalism in the New Age:

We’re also breaking down other established thought patterns as well, like the bastions of New Age fundamentalism. My thing is just to break down all those, because New Age fundamentalism is alive and well on planet earth. You see, some of the Christian fundamentalists, and Jewish fundamentalists, and Islamic fundamentalists have just seen the New Age as something they can bring their fundamentalism into. So you must have all come across it. “What, you eat meat? You drink? You drink alcohol?” Somebody once said to me in a workshop, “How can you drink beer and channel?” I said, “It’s dead easy, but you have to take the bottle away from your mouth first.”

It’s the same as the food thing. This isn’t a criticism of those who have vegetarian diets, but I would like to point out to you, each and every one of you, that there is only a limited number of people on earth who can actually survive in a healthy way on a vegetarian diet. The reason is that we have different blood groups in human bodies, and different blood groups need different food. Different blood groups actually came here from different star systems. Some can survive very well on vegetables, and others just can’t at all.

So what is actually being said to you here, and maybe it’ll be useful information for you or maybe it’ll send you into processing, who cares, is that if you feel like eating meat, do it! I hear so many vegetarians say, “God, I’ve really been craving meat for the last two years!” Well, why haven’t you been eating it, if you’ve been craving it? Because your body’s telling you, “I need meat!”

I myself was a vegetarian fundamentalist for over 25 years. I was so fussy I wouldn’t eat in restaurants when I was traveling, even in India. The only place you’ll get pure vegetarian food in India is if the restaurant says it’s vegetarian. I wouldn’t even eat food if I didn’t know how it was prepared, that’s how fundamental I was. My health was never very good during that period, and I never had a lot of energy. I must have had pneumonia 3 times, I had TB, and I was always down with something or another, listless, pale and all the rest of it, just no energy whatsoever. In the mid-90’s I was visiting these people in the bottom part of England, and they presented me with an English Sunday dinner: roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, crucified vegetables. Do you know why the English were great empire builders? Because they sent people out looking for decent food. Anyway, they had meat, gravy and everything else, and set it on the table in front of me. They were so pleased to have me go and see them, and they were really treating me with so much respect and everything else.

I sat there and looked at it, and I thought, “Well what’re you going to do now then? Are you going to tell them, “I don’t want this, I’m a vegetarian?!”
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 73ff]


Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, available from me or Balboa Press or Amazon or order it through your local bookstore.


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One thought on “NEW AGE FUNDAMENTALISM–Part 1”

  1. Cruciferous vegetables I imagine, LOL I Love this story. I enjoy vegetarian food on occasion, but never denied myself meat for too long. It’s fun to read John’s pov here, and have often shared a similar pov with vegetarian and raw food friends. Can hardly wait until the next post.

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