Here is another meditation channeled by Mark.

Mark: We’re going to bring in a friend. This friend is called Broken Arrow. Broken Arrow is a man of peace. He’s a mighty warrior, but only when he has to.

I am Broken Arrow. I am known as Thoth to other civilizations. I am a Rainbow Warrior. There’s no nation better than the other nations. There is only one Love. They are all equal.

There are great changes coming about on this planet now. The red people are leaving, but we still have things to tell and share. In our modalities we have what is called a sacred Tipi, and in that tipi is a fire. That fire is white. We are now in that tipi. The fire is cold and hot at the same time. Around the fire are 12 beings. Sometimes each is a man, and sometimes each is a woman. They’re incredibly balanced, and they represent a twelfth of reality. The great pipe that one smokes has 12 Eagle feathers. That brings the great energies from all of reality, from the Central Sun, to enrich all of us.

Now I want you to look at the fire. The purpose of the fire is to transmute lower vibrations to higher vibrations. In some ways, people would say that rage is lower than lovingness. So this fire is always taking rage and turning it into lovingness.

Let this fire wash through all your cells, and all your bodies. If there are things in your body that you wish to be quickened, just thank whatever you want changed and let it go into the fire. Then bring it out again and put it back into your body.

… … …

The white fire is now in your body, is useful for raising your frequency whenever you wish. Now that you know what the white fire is, I want you to understand that the young people on the planet can see that there is a new way that must be put on the planet. It does not really have a face. It is not changing this situation or that situation. It’s remaking the ability to transfer and transmit lower energy to quickened energy. The energy is infinity, basically.

Our planet, this planet that we’re on, is very slow, but not the slowest, and she is now ready to move. She wishes all of us to use the white fire to allow the new way, which will be continuously moving in quickness. Holding the white fire will allow us to continually move through all obstacles. As we tap into this power, it allows us to be different than we were the nanosecond before. It’s very important for us to use the white fire in this way. Even though things look like they cannot change, they will change. It happens because of the way that the white fire works.

As you would understand it, there is the left brain, which can only hold about 5-10 or 11 bytes per second, whereas the right brain can do millions of bytes per second. The world is at a place where we need to use the right brain to be able to change all things. The change is important; the beginning and the end is not.

This new way that’s being given to us and is open to us has been on the planet for tens of thousands of years. It was used in very sacred ways. Now we are at a time where the planet itself is saying, “Now, now we will all work together. We are ready, and now is the time.

Thank you, Broken Arrow.


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