John Armitage:

I remember when I took my ascension in 1994 or 1995 or so, when I found myself, pffft, enlightened, zoom, gone! At the time, I was working with a group of Andromedans, and sometimes I would go to their spaceships and stay there for a couple of days and hang out.
I said, “Hang on a minute! I never gave anyone permission to take me anywhere! What’s happening!” I looked down and my body wasn’t there in 3rd dimensional reality. Then I appear in another dimensional reality, and all my friends are there. When I say my friends, I mean these people we call the Ascended Masters, but that’s just a term we use to describe them. They’re friends of mine, and friends of yours too.
I said, “Hey guys, what’s happening here?”
Kuthumi says (we all have nicknames for each other, and Kuthumi calls me Yogi), he says, “Hey Yogi, you’ve just ascended.”

I say, “What do you mean ascended!”
And he says, “You have.”
“How can I have ascended? Like, I’m not perfect. And for the last few months I’ve been emotional as hell. I’ve been kicking, cursing, screaming, and crying all day long!”
And he says, “Yeah, you’ve been doing some good clearances, Yogi! You’ve cracked it, man! You’ve just ascended!”
I said, “Come on, you people, this is some kind of trick. I mean, I know you’re my friends and all that, and we play tricks on each other and all, but I’m not really into this one, and I don’t believe a word that you’re saying.”

So finally Kuthumi and the others said in the end, “OK, Yogi, you don’t believe any of us, you think that we’re having fun at your expense here, so who’s the person that you’re going to believe, out of all the masters that you work with and interact with and are your friends?”
I said, “Maitreya.”
“All right. Call Maitreya.” So, Pffft! Maitreya appears.
“Hiya, Yogi, how’re you doing?”
I said, “All right, Maitreya. You’re the one that I trust the most out of this lot, and I think they’re making fun of me. They all told me that I’ve ascended.”
And he said, “You have.”  [continued next posting]

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