John Armitage/Hari Das Baba:

I remember when I was working in a spiritualist church many years ago, they’d always say, “Well, your guides say this.” And I’d say, “Well tell them to go and guide themselves. If they’ve got any information which can be useful to my life’s path, I’m willing to listen, but I’m not going to do whatever they say.”

I see this so much in my work. I talk to people and they say, “The Ascended Masters told me I had to sell all my possessions and go sit on top of a mountain.”
“Well, are you happy about that?”
“Well, no.”
“Well, why’d you do it then?!”
“Because the Ascended Masters told me to.”
“What? So you did it?!”

You’ve got to understand that the Ascended Masters are also a bunch of opportunists. Their focus in their life streams is the empowerment of human beings, and the bringing of complete harmony and balance to Mother Earth, in association with Mother Earth’s will. So if they can get you to do anything, they will. But you don’t have to do anything that the Ascended Masters tell you, you don’t have to do anything that your guides tell you to, and you’re not dead if you don’t.

I mean, people are just desperate to give their power away in this world, because of the way that we have been disempowered.
The Ascended Masters are always saying, “Hey Das, do this will you? Hey Das, do that will you?” If I tried to do even one tenth of what the Ascended Masters tell me to, I’d be a hundred times crazier than I already am. I’ve got many projects that I’m already working on, but others of them think, “Oh yeah, Das, he’s always keen. Ah, Das, can you just do this?” I think that’s another reason I was given the name change from Servant (“Das”) to Baba. “Hey servant, can you do this?” Even by giving me the name Hari Das, servant of God, by giving me the name “das”, servant, they actually kept me in servant mentality. And people reinforced that all the time, thousands of people all over the earth, who called me “Das” for short: “Hey servant, how are you? Hey servant, can you make me a cup of tea? Hey servant, can you enlighten me? Hey servant, can you heal me? Hey servant, can you heal the planet?“ and the rest of it.

I know the reason why I was given a new name. Germain said to me, “No longer will you be a servant. You take the next step in your life, and you step into your mastery on another level.” So when people say, “What do you think of getting a new name?” I say, “Hey, I’ve got a promotion, eh? I’ve been promoted from servant to master!” It’s another level of me understanding personally. The way I share with you in my empowerment of you is my personal experiences, mostly. It didn’t come from books. It’s personal experience, and from my Upstairs Crew.  [more on guides and guidance next post]





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