Channeled through John Armitage:

I would like you to understand that your divinity is with you on a 24-hour a day basis. You are divine whether you are asleep or you are awake.

Many discount the time that they are sleeping. They don’t understand that they are totally present. Many don’t understand that it could be said that when you are awake, you dream, and when you are asleep you dream. Because of the nature of the mind, ones tend to relate to the waking state as totally real, and to the dream state as an illusion. To understand your divinity, 24 hours a day, understand that tests come your way in waking life and in sleeping life.

I would say to you a reminder of what the Aboriginals of Australia say, “Wake up and dream.” For it is through grounding our dreams, both in the waking and sleeping state, that we learn to become more solid, more solid in our understanding of our true nature. Wake up and dream, wake up and dream! Spend a moment allowing your minds to wander through the dream. What do I choose to dream and manifest? Do I choose to dream and manifest that I am alone, that I am not of Mother-Father God and therefore not part of the whole of Creation? Do I choose to dream that I am Mother-Father God, and I am the whole of Creation?

Allow your minds to wander around this concept. Am I going to believe, or am I going to program myself, that I am not in charge of myself in any situation? For each one is in charge of themselves, and nothing, or nobody, any power, any energy, is, except for you.

[from Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions, pp. 101ff]

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