Channeled through John Armitage:

We understand that life does not always seem easy. I Germain relate to my lives on Earth, when I was Francis Bacon. It was not easy. I was pressed and pushed in all directions, by the royalty of the country which I lived in, and by the powers that obeyed the wishes of the royalty. There were many times that I felt, “I don’t want to be here. I cannot deal with life. Perhaps I would be better if I were not alive in this body.”

When I was in the courts of Europe in the French palace at Versailles, many do not realize what my work was. I incarnated there, I grew up, and my task that I had taken upon myself was to avert the bloodshed, the chaos and the mayhem of the French revolution, to bring harmony and peace into that society, without one life being lost. I took my ascension and came back. I worked on my project for nearly 500 earth years. 500 earth years! And I failed. When I say that I failed, I mean that many lives were lost, there was much chaos. Much, much chaos.

When I finally decided to leave, and go to this place known as Transylvania, and set up a place there that held what is known as the Violet Flame, I changed my identity, I changed my name. I founded a house there, founded a family there, Rakoczy. In my castle the violet flame burnt upon the earth. After I felt that I’d done everything I could, I decided again to take my ascension, just decided to move out of this dimensional reality.

And what happened? You’ve heard the legends of vampires from Transylvania. These stories were made around my castle, because nobody understood what the light was that shone from there. As the Violet Flame burnt in the center of my castle, nobody could understand the emanations. So shall we say, the energies that do not have your immediate freedom in their minds, built up a whole story that this was a very dangerous place, that there were beings there that would drink your blood, and turn you into the living dead.

Again, it could be construed that I failed. I could have said, the French revolution was a failure. This place that held the Violet Flame in Europe, my project was a failure. As Francis Bacon I was a failure.  [ [from Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions–CONTINUED NEXT POST]

Photo: Icelandic Poppy essence helps us to rise up out of the seeming hardships of life.

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