Channeled through John Armitage:

I have other lifetimes: I was Noah. Remember? The one with the boat. I can tell you that this boat actually wasn’t a boat made of wood. It was a spaceship. I manifested this spaceship. And I took into the safety of this ship some humans and many species of animals from your planet, because I knew there was going to be a disaster. I took the ship away from the planet for awhile, and held everybody in safety. I then, in association with a group of beings from the Pleiades, brought the people and animals back, when the earth was safe again.

I could look around now, and say, why did I do it? I could judge the Earth and say it is not a safe place. But that would be from my feelings of separation. That would be from feelings of loneliness and unsupportedness. That would be from the feeling that Mother/Father God does not support me.

Instead I look at your earth, or I should say, I look at our earth, for I am also part of it; I have been associated with it from the beginnings of time. I worked upon my ascension process, I worked upon my Mastery, after I had taken the descent into illusion, just the same as every other being chose to take the decent into illusion. I worked, I played, I laughed, I cried, I was sad, I was happy, I was angry, I was threatened; everything happened to me, as has happened to you. And in the end, I fully realized the divinity within me.

That didn’t make me a saint. Because remember, saints are created by the Catholic church, and the Pope. I was never a member of the Catholic church. I was never a preacher. It was from my family line, my family name, in my life in France, that this prefix in my name came into being. So don’t think that I was always perfection. Don’t think that I was always in my mastery.

This is why I support each and every one in their processes, with my love. It is very easy, when you are in the human body, to link with your supposed frailties, the frailties of body. Remember that these bodies are frail. They can be destroyed very easily. You could drop something upon them. You could fall over something. It could be burnt. But I realized my frailty. Not only the frailty of my body, but also the frailty of my mind. I came to understand, through linking with Mother/Father, that that is what I am. And that is why I was given the job, or I took on the task, I volunteered to be a teacher, to be a figurehead, an energy which people could relate to while they were incarnate upon the planet. [from Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions]

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