Channeled through John Armitage:

I will say to you, brothers and sisters, that even now sometimes I wonder, even now sometimes I wonder, am I empowering in the way that Mother-Father God desires? And every time I wonder, Mother-Father God comes to me and says, “Remember, you are my son, Germain. You are my son. You are perfection.” And my mind changes. Immediately I have a remembrance of who I am, and most importantly, what I am. And the realization and the remembrance is, I Am that I Am, divine Light, divine Strength, divine Power, divine Love, and Mother/Father God.

So, my brothers and sisters of this land, and the brothers and sisters of other lands also that find themselves living upon this land. I would like you to know that I am also the sponsor of this land [America]. I would like you to ask yourselves another question. If I look at this land (and remember, I am the sponsor of this land, the same that my colleague Afra is the sponsor of the continent of Africa, and others are the sponsors of other continents, the beings on other continents); if I look at this land, I could say that I have been a failure again. If I looked at what is happening with the energy of war, this idea of oppression of others. I do not judge, I observe that there is an energy afoot here. If I looked at what is happening, I could say that this land is not the utopia I envisioned when I agreed to sponsor this land. But I see the perfection in the struggle. I see the wondrous opportunity given to all to move beyond the energy of struggle into the energy of Oneness.

There are politicians in this land that I communicate with continuously, and some of them are standing up and speaking of the Founding Fathers of your land, of their dream of freedom from oppression from the British government. They communicate, they show themselves the stars in the sky, in their glory and their brightness, and they remind others of the dream of freedom. Others have not yet realized the dream of freedom for this land, and they go through their due processes.

The freedom that I hold in my heart and in my mind for this land is the same freedom that Mother/Father God holds for the whole of creation. I merely volunteered to help the beings of this land in any way that I could, to empower themselves in this freedom.

I ask you to understand that the struggles that manifest in any land, be it Africa, be it Europe, be it the continent of Asia, India, in all places, are a reflection of the struggles that each and every one has within them, the struggle in the heart, the struggle in the mind: “Am I Mother/Father God, am I not Mother/Father God? Can I integrate Mother/Father God, can I not integrate Mother/Father God? I am afraid, I am not afraid.”

All these struggles, which are the natural process of bringing each and every one to stand in their own light, we understand these struggles, for we have been through them. These ones who are known as the Ascended Masters, or commonly known as the Ascended Masters. In truth, I would like to tell you, that “the Ascended Masters” has become a generic term for a collective consciousness of beings, when in fact esoterically, not within the hierarchy, but within higher levels of consciousness, it is there that the true masters of Creation reside. [from Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions–continued next post]

PHOTO: Whorled Loosestrife–Creates a strong tie with the earth; grounding.

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