Channeled through John Armitage:

But it is true that we are ascended, and we have in the main integrated our mastery, so we do not complain about this term. We do not suggest that you do not use it. But we say it has become a generic term for a collective consciousness. But we, these beings who have taken our ascension, and have integrated our multi-dimensional mastery, we do recognize the struggles within you, we recognize the pulling to and fro of the programmings, anger from the feelings of disempowerment. It is natural, it is natural until you understand that there is no need for anger. Then anger becomes a tool that you no longer need to use.

But anger can help you to stand in realizing your mastery, if you realize that it is, in the human body, somewhat natural. Note that I say somewhat natural, for it results from the feeling of powerlessness. It is understandable that when one feels powerless, that this energy rises within them. It helps ones to realize the greatness of their beings, if only they can work through it. Many struggle, and as I said, the reflection of this struggle is manifested in every land, in every race. This struggle is the struggle for perfection. The struggle for perfection.

So I, Germain, ask you to give up this struggle. I ask you not to struggle with your perfection. I ask you not to judge yourselves because you consider you’re not perfect. I ask you to affirm, “I Am that I Am, Perfect. I Am that I Am, Perfect. And all my brothers and sisters are perfect in the eyes of Mother/Father God.” Because you are a creation of Mother/Father God. Mother/Father God created you in his/her own image of perfection. Not perfection of body, but of perfection of energy.

So I ask you to cease to struggle, cease to struggle, and BE. And love, love, love, love yourselves as if your lives depended upon it. Because in many ways, your lives do depend upon it. How many lifetimes are you prepared to spend in struggle in the future? You don’t have to spend any more lifetimes in struggle.

You can spend as many lifetimes upon the planet that you wish to, showing that you realize your perfection, the mastery of life. This is one thing that I tried to demonstrate at Versailles. People wondered how I lived. I seemingly never worked. I had no income. And yet, one of my favorite things to do was to give people gifts, gifts which made them wonder about generosity and love. If I had no income, where did the gold come from? Where did the jewels come from? Where did the perfumes and other things that I gave come from? I, Germain, manifested them. I created them, in another dimensional reality, and brought them here. It is coming for you. As you manifest your dreams in other places, you can also manifest anything in other places, and bring it here into this dimensional reality. [From: Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions--continued next post]

PHOTO: Lotus–Gurudas states “This is the equivalent of a philosopher’s stone in healing with flower essences. It is profoundly powerful…[enabling] the body to assimilate any form of healing.” [Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, p. 171]

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