Master Germain channeled through John Armitage:

You are divine love. Be it. Bring the Goddess inside of you, and bring the God inside of you. For you are that, and this bringing in of the goddess and the god is just allowing yourself to receive the gift of your god- and goddess-nes, moving out of duality and separation. I give you instances of myself, and others to show you, “Cease the struggle! Be the dream! Cease the struggle of duality! Cease the struggle of duality. Don’t fight, because you are already.”

This being, whose body I am using to speak to you through, has said to you that duality is the problem you have to find the solution to, to put it plainly. You have been told by numerous masters, numerous people willing to share, that there are no problems, only solutions. So what is the solution? I’ve given it to you. Be the divinity that you are. Understand that when you say, “I don’t want,” you don’t get. And when you say, “I want, and I receive and allow,” you have.

Allow the winds of change to take this ship that is your physical body home into the safety and freedom that is the Creator’s love. Allow the winds of change to blow around you, and stand steadfast. Integrate the energies of the winds of change, integrate the realizations, the lessons, the gifts. But stand like the oak, solid, dependable, and grounded. The oak is so solid because it has its roots firmly in the deep of Mother-Father God. The oak says, “Throw everything at me. I am here. I radiate the branches that are me, that are beauty, whether they are covered in leaves or whether it is the winter, and I have withdrawn my energies within myself, to mediate on my solidarity, upon my connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky.” Take a lesson from the oak. Ground yourselves firmly. Keep your heads open to the sky, keep your energies open to the love, the support, the greatness that you are.

I would like you at this moment, if you feel it is appropriate for you, as an individual, to close your eyes and turn within, and see the solidness of the oak that is you. Feel the roots grounding downwards into the heart of Mother Earth. Feel the roots becoming solid, spreading outwards and outwards. Feel the support of Mother Earth, holding you. For that is what happens when you put down roots. The trees stand solid because they allow the support of Mother Earth. Feel your roots going downwards, downwards, downwards, outwards, outwards, outwards. Feel the grounding and solidarity. Feel yourselves becoming solid, integrating your energies. Solid, solid, solid. And feel your branches spreading upwards, to the stars and beyond. And feel the love and support of Mother/Father, the lifeblood of Creation flowing into you.

“I Am that I Am, divinity and love in this moment, and in every moment of Creation! I Am that I Am. I know that I am loved and supported by the Universe, by Mother/Father God. I Am that I Am. I affirm I Am the power and the glory of the Divine incarnate! I Am that I Am!” [from Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions]

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