In honor of the upcoming Christmas holiday, here is the introduction to a channeling from the Ascended Master Jesus, by John Armitage:

I’m just going to say a bit about Sananda. Someone was asking who he is. He was Jesus. He was just called Jesus in that lifetime. I mean, he did cause quite a stir during that lifetime, when he was Jesus. People are still talking about it now. He really made an impression on the consciousness of human beings.

He was 30 years old when he started doing his stuff. Previous to that he was clearing his stuff. He’d been studying with various kinds of monks, yogis, magicians, including Tibetans and Druids, Indians, many others. He was very, very well traveled. His uncle was Joseph of Arimathea, who had all the setup necessary for traveling, because he was a commodity trader. He knew about taking caravans to China, he had boats, knew about navigation. Contrary to popular belief, people were sailing around the world long before people nowadays have an inkling that they were.

So Jesus got around all over the place when he was young. Mother Mary was his guru, as is every woman the guru for her children. Many women seem to have forgotten, or lost sight of that fact, not as a judgment but as an observation, that women are the gurus for the future. They are the people who have the most influence on children when they’re young. So Mother Mary had taken on the task of being the first guru of Jesus. Then, as time went on, he did his journeys and all the rest of it.

I was around at that time; I was Luke. Jesus and I were  good friends. I went on a lot of the travels with him. I was two years older. When we went to Glastonbury, in what is now the UK, I was 16 and Jesus was 14. They say he was the Son of God. Well, aren’t we all? No argument in that. His mission in that life was twofold. He came to teach us about Love without condition, forgiveness, non-judgment and healing.

He became famous for the crucifixion and resurrection, but then of course the church took it and contorted everything and said Jesus died for you, to make you feel guilty. Because if you can keep people feeling guilty, they’re not empowered. So it’s just part of this experiment of religion. Really, there’s nothing wrong with religion, except that it’s a bit like the statement I made on a TV show: all religion is actually a bastardization of the truth. Contained in every religious philosophy is the absolute truth, but the way it’s put over, and especially translated from other languages, the truth starts to become very well hidden.

Sananda’s surname is Kumara. You might have heard of the Kumaras, any of those of you who have studied Hinduism; you might have heard that the Kumaras are the first created sons of Brahma, the creator. There’s Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, and the others, whose names escape me now.

Before Sananda came here, in his Palestinian ministry, he incarnated on Venus. He’s not Venusian, but he did incarnate there. And of course, the beings of Venus are very much concerned with Love without conditions. We know that even in our very basic 3D philosophy, it’s often said that Venus is the goddess of love. So that’s just a bit of the background of Sananda. And what a great being he is. He’s just a being full of love, full of compassion for all, for everything and everybody, and he’s available for everybody to work with. He’s starting to ground his energy in me, and I’m becoming overwhelmed by the magnitude of the love that he brings with him. He’s a really great being. So we’ll let him tell his own story.





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3 thoughts on “ON SANANDA (JESUS)”

    1. This jogs a memory of a lifetime I spent on (or in) Venus, during the time of the Kumaras, when Sananda Kumara was incarnated there too! A riveting read, as are the next too posts. Thanks so much for sharing these ❤


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