Jesus on his Palensinian Ministry-2

Part 2: [channeled through John Armitage]

When we were gathered, my close disciples were afraid, because I had given them information about the plan on my crucifixion. They decided to try and hide me, out of selfishness. They did not want to lose me, because they looked to me as the leader and Master. We were at the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem, and I knew that the Romans would not find us. I gave instructions to Judas, who had again incarnated in that life, to take on the task of telling the Romans, to tell them where I was, so the crucifixion would take place. Many Christians conveniently forget that Judas was instructed to go and tell the Romans about myself. In fact, it is recorded by Luke and Matthew that I did give these instructions.

Understand that many people were crucified in those days. And many, many people survived these crucifixions. It was not the custom to pierce the human body with swords or spears during the crucifixion. Having nails driven through your hands and feet to attach you to a cross was the punishment. You were also tied onto the cross. Many ones were gotten off the cross still alive and many survived the injuries caused by the nails. Obviously some died from shock and infection, etc. We had laid the plans so carefully that the crucifixion was to take place in the afternoon on a Friday. Sundown on Friday is the beginning of the Jewish shabbat, or sabbath. It was against Jewish law for people to be hanging on the crosses in Jerusalem during the sabbath, so we knew I would not have to spend much time hanging there. On the cross I took my 5th initiation. It might make you all joyful to know that you will not have to be nailed on the cross for your 5th initiation!

During the time I was on the cross, an energy mandala was held by the close disciples. Also some energy was held by my mother, by Mary Magdalene, and some other female followers. This energy was held in the form of six-pointed star mandalas. These six-pointed star mandalas bring down pillars of light from the Source.

One thing happened that was not in the plan. Understand that all ones have free will. Because so many people were pushing forward in the crowd, holding their hands out to me and giving me energy, one Roman soldier in particular started to feel bad-tempered. He felt that if he killed me, the crowd would stop pushing forward. I was pierced with a spear under the ribs. Understand that through my studies with the priests, the holy men, and the yogis of many traditions, it was possible for me to slow down my bodily functions. And with the aid of many ascended masters, angels, archangels and celestial beings, I managed to keep a thread of consciousness in the physical body. Joseph of Arimathea had already purchased the cave of what you might know as the tomb. For it was part of the plan that, when I was taken from the cross at the beginning of the Jewish shabbat, I would be taken to the cave and joined by Luke and many others. Many of you will not know that Luke was also a healer. He knew about ointments and crystals. On a physical level it was his task to tend to my wounds so they healed quickly.

When they got me to the cave, the thread of consciousness left my physical body, and what you 3D/4D beings call death had taken place. The ascended and galactic masters, the angels, and the archangels, and some extraterrestrial beings were persuading me that it was possible to again get back into the body. The experience that I had been through was very traumatic, and even though I could keep control of my emotional body and stay focused in the love, I stated that I would use my free will and not come back to the body. If I had not come back into the body, the plan would have never been completed. So the others tried to persuade me even more to integrate my consciousness with the body physical. As I started to integrate with the body, it was like integrating with a cold wet cloth. The temperature was dropping, because the life force had departed. With a big effort from myself and the others I did again integrate with the body.

Photo: Passion Flower–Its essence stimulates compassion and attunement to Christ Consciousness.

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