Jesus on his Palentinian Ministry

Part 1 [channeled through John Armitage, Easter Sunday 1999, Nesvik, Iceland]:

I AM Sananda. I AM the being that is known also as Jesus the Christ. This time of year in the calendar of the beings that follow the philosophy known as Christianity is an important time. Many ones celebrate my supposed death on the cross. Mother Mary told you yesterday that my crucifixion was not something that just happened by accident. In fact, the plan had been formulated many thousands of years ago, during a period of history that some of you would know as Atlantis. During that time, I was a king, an Atlantean king. In those days, the kings were also priests and holders of the knowledge and energy. It might surprise you that also during that life I was martyred. I use the word martyred in a very lighthearted way. But I was captured, taken and killed. And guess who was the person that told them where I was hiding. It was the being that you now know as Judas.

Understand, that over many thousands of years, the way was prepared for the crucifixion. The school of philosophy, or the philosophical knowledge of these scenes was incarnated upon the planet. Understand that these scenes originally came from the mystery schools in Egypt. The mystery schools of Egypt were founded by beings who had left Atlantis before the destruction of that continent. When I say the destruction of that continent, it is not 100% true, for at the time of the final destruction, the continent had been split into six islands. Not only do you get a religious lesson to hear, you get a historical lesson, also! The scene, the knowledge of these scenes was founded, was given to them by Melchizedek. Many of you would wonder where the name Melchizedek comes from. Search the Old Testament of what is known as the Christian Bible, and you will find the name Melchizedek mentioned at least 30 times.

The writings left behind by these beings are known as the Melchizedek Dead Sea Scrolls. So, these scrolls have been found and decoded, but the contents are kept a secret. The contents are kept a secret by this organization that is known as the Roman Catholic Church, with headquarters at the Vatican. For if the contents were made public, Christianity and its control system would be finished in a second. For all ones would know the truth about my Palestinian ministry, and would say that the churches were just controllers, and they had lied about many things.

The essence of my Palestinian ministry was healing based on love. I am sure that many of you know that my Palestinian ministry only lasted for a small number of years. You may ask yourselves what I did before that. And of course, if I did not die on the cross, you may ask what I did after that. When the time came for the crucifixion, myself and my inner disciples were gathered. My inner disciples were, of course, the twelve. I had many more disciples than these twelve. Understand that the word disciple means pupil. I taught many, many people the mysteries that I had learned from the Druids in England, from the sadhus in India, from the Tibetans, from the disciples of esoteric Judaism, and others.

Understand that I traveled and studied for many, many years, and studied under many different teachers. My travel was mainly facilitated by Joseph of Arimethea. Joseph traded in metals, so he was therefore used to travel, and had boats at his disposal. Many beings in this time would wonder how he managed to travel so far in those days. Understand that travel was very common, and in fact, beings traveled from Europe to America, from Egypt to America, and even from Egypt to Australia. One of my constant traveling companions was Luke. I share with you that Luke was also this channel through which I now speak [John Armitage].


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