Jesus on his Palestinian Ministry-3

Part 3: [channeled through John Armitage]

During this time many of the others, Mary Magdalene and many of the other disciples, had been sent away. Joseph, Luke, Matthew and one or two others were left. So they moved me away to another safe place and sealed up the cave. It was on a Sunday that the women went back. My body was gone, and everybody thought I had ascended. Only a small number knew what had happened. Of course, this was too much of a secret to keep. When people knew that I was still alive, everybody said that it was a miracle, and the resurrection had taken place.

Once the news was out that the resurrection had taken place, or what was thought to be the resurrection, it was necessary to move fast. The Jewish elders again pressed the Romans to disperse my disciples and my devotees, and to kill as many of them as possible. Many were smuggled away. Under cover of darkness they traveled to different parts of the world.

As time went on, of course, everybody saw something happen that they considered to be me taking my ascension in public. This took place on a mountain in the center of Israel, that you now know as the Mount Tabor. Many do not know that I did not ascend at that time. The energy that was seen, the white light that was seen going up into the sky accompanied by angels and archangels, was the energy of Maitreya, accompanied by Melchizedek and Elijah. Not many know that it was the energy of Maitreya that I used in my healing work. And many do not realize that it was the words of Maitreya that I spoke in my teachings.

Understand that it was never considered that my presence on earth would lead to a massive control system and the death of millions of people in my name.

I myself traveled to India after the crucifixion. There was much traffic between India and that area that you know as Palestine, or the Middle East, in those days. There was a very well beaten path, which many of you would know as the Silk Road. It was possible for a group of us to disguise ourselves as merchants and camel drivers. And we made the trip to India and onwards into Kashmir. In due time Mary Magdalene joined me there [after staying for a time in what is now southern France]. We settled there and had children, and I taught people about light, love and healing. That physical body is buried in Kashmir. For those of you that might feel you need to prove this, go to Kashmir and you will find a tomb of Isus.

Many of the other disciples and followers went in different directions, and shared their knowledge too. Many ask me, Isus, Jesus, how will people know that we are teachers? My reply to them is the same as my reply to all teachers. Ones will know you by your love, and by your actions.

Some of you may wonder why I did not ascend after the crucifixion. I did not ascend because I had one trait in my character that I needed to get over. The energy of martyrdom was in my consciousness. I had volunteered twice for martyrdom. Because of this, I felt that I needed to work more things out on planet Earth. I did not take my ascension until my next life. In my next life I was known as Apollonius of Tyana. During that life I experienced a lot of persecution also, because I made public many of the ancient mysteries of the Mystery Schools. After my ascension, most of my work, most of the knowledge of my work, was destroyed, so the ordinary people could not study it and become enlightened [and what had survived then was later destroyed in the fire at the Library in Alexandria]. So there I give you some history of the being known as Jesus the Christed one. It was never anticipated that the religious control system would be built around my presence upon the planet. Our plan was to spread unconditional love, non-judgment and light.

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