[The following is from John Armitage/Hari Das Baba’s workshop on Memories of the Soul, 2015]

I’ll just give you another illustration. I haven’t been in contact with this being for a long time now, but I was telepathically in contact with a being, one of the ones known as the Greys, you know, the little Greys. They come from Essani in the Orion constellation, and they were around on the planet a lot. They’re not around on the planet now, because they’re not allowed. They’re job’s finished. Anyway, one of them was in captivity in Russia, and she was communicating with me telepathically. She said to me at first, “You’re not afraid of me.” And I said back to her, “Why should I be afraid of you? Where are you.” She was being held captive in a research facility in Russia. “I’ve been looking for someone to talk to, and you can hear me. A lot of humans are afraid of us.” “Well, I’ve got no problem. We can talk any time.”

She said, “Humans are so full of judgment about our activities on planet earth. One of the things I’d like to say to humans is, examine what kind of things you’re doing to each other.” This is a very pertinent point on this planet. Some of us that have some knowledge of other kinds of beings, from other planets and star systems, we could be very quick to judge how badly our interfering on this planet has been. I know a lot of things I don’t want to share in public—I don’t want to send you down to the doctor’s for a valium prescription. I want to empower you, to stand in your own power. Ultimately again, it’s a very pertinent question. What are humans doing to each other, and to the planet.

[Question: why aren’t they allowed here anymore?] They were allowed here for awhile. The Essani have a very interesting history. They actually thought they were a very advanced race. They got into cloning. What happened was they lost their ability to naturally reproduce. They decided this wasn’t the way to go, but they’d lost some of their DNA codings.

As human beings, we have DNA codings from the Stellar Tribes all over the universe. They needed to retrieve some DNA codes. So they were given access to planet earth and to interact with human beings in various ways. Of course, some of it was violation of free will, through abduction, but others actually agreed to it on another level.

©John Armitage 2015, used with permissioin.

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