More on the Greys

Also, there were deals made—you know what goes on in politics, there are always deals made. So there were deals made with various governments. Remember the government’s not looking after you. You are considered the property of the government, and you’re merchandise, and your Social Security number identifies what piece of merchandise you are that belongs to the government, and so on. So actually the governments see you as a commodity and you were sold down the drain. The governments gave permission for these kind of things to happen with the Greys. Ultimately, through this, the Essani race further mutated. These new ones are blue, slightly bigger than the others, and are totally focused in the divinity of Love. It’s interesting how things work.

But as I say, a number of years ago they were given notice of evacuation notice, and they’re not allowed here anymore. We have planetary police, and at the moment it’s in the hands of the Andromedans. If they do try to come in, they’re told, “You’re not allowed here anymore.” If they say, “We’re coming anyway!” then the Andromedans blow them out of the sky.

People sometimes say how bad these different kinds of beings are that have done all kinds of things on planet earth—and are still doing them, actually. There’s a lot of unbalanced things going on. But we’re all created by the same Source. There was no rogue creator that came along and decided, “Well I’ll create some evil fuckers and put them on the planet.” It’s still the same Source. And their job is to kick our asses, until one day we wake up and say, “There’s got to be something else.”
This is what’s happened to us on the planet. There’s a marvelous period of Light, and then something happens, there’s a bit of infiltration, and then everything falls down the drain for awhile. Then up it comes again.

Even in this 21st century we’re living in now. You have different kinds of oppression than we have in Europe. Sometimes I sit back and think to myself, “Atlantis relived!” Those of us that are doing our very, very best—and we can’t do more than our very best, each individual, to keep ourselves in harmony and balance and keep us in the Light. And then you’ve got the the others who want to microchip us and thought police us, and everything else. They want to poison us with pharmaceuticals and make us slaves to the doctors. GM killer food and all this kind of thing, and you have the other side.

It’s like one period I remember in Atlantis, when everybody was chipped and disempowered through this. People actually had their minds wiped, their knowledge stolen from them. It was a really dark time.

We’re getting massive amounts of oppression now. In different countries it’s in different ways. It’s like an experiment, to see how much people will take. If you live in an average small town in some countries, and you’re an ordinary person that goes to work every day, goes shopping, and just goes about daily life, actually you will appear on camera between 400-500 times a day. They’re everywhere, absolutely everywhere. Even the police themselves say that all these cameras do not cut crime. But there’s all this surveillance, everywhere.

©John Armitage 2015, used with permission.

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