Time doesn’t exist. We’ve created time and clocks, so we can coordinate things. But in absolute reality, time doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as past lives. Every life we’ve ever lived we are that now. The things that we’ve lived, whether it’s traumas we’ve created or whether it’s been created by others and we’ve experienced it. I’m talking about war, destruction, disempowerment, and even the Golden Ages and so on. Let’s not hold a focus on the times that we were disempowered or we almost destroyed our planet by not paying attention and so on. Let’s not focus on things like that. Let’s not blame ourselves for it all. Let’s let it go. Let’s tune in and let it go.

Also as well as clearing that kind of stuff that’s holding us back, this denseness that’s in our cellular structure that we bring time after time when we reincarnate. Also let’s empower ourselves in the great things that we did, and the great things that we’re capable of. We haven’t realized a fraction of the things we’re capable of. Kuthumi has just put into my head now, come on, you’re only limited by your imagination.

I love this word, imagination. We’ve been programmed, or they’ve attempted to program us to say that our imagination is useless. But our imagination is one of the strongest things that we have, in the mode of creation. Let’s just let go of the rubbish, let go of what we might think of ourselves. A lot of this is subconscious too, below our awareness, but in all kinds of situations it filters in.

I’ve found a lot of people who are interested in expanding their awareness and consciousness and so on. They often make a start on it and then get really scared, and they step back from it. As soon as they start burning new neural pathways and so on and their brain processes different information, they get scared. A lot of people who get scared like this are afraid of their own power. They’re afraid of what they might do with it. Because we did things that were out of harmony and balance at various times on the planet, and maybe in other star systems.

So let’s not keep a focus on—you know I don’t use the “n” word, but I’m going to use it now, because it makes it easier to explain—let’s not focus on the so-called negative aspects of our adventures. Also as well, let’s not focus only on our achievements. Let’s put some balance into it and go forward again. It’s up to us to create here. Let’s change the way we think and change the way that our thought patterns disempower us.

©John Armitage 2015, used with permission.

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