[The following is from Memories of the Soul workshop by John Armitage, aka Hari Das Baba, 2015]

There used to be a planet very close to us, called Maldek. The Maldekeans were quite friendly with some of the high ups in Atlantis. There was a lot of comings and goings between the two planets. The Maldekeans were somewhat possessive and warlord-ish. Some of the Atlantean elders had begun to give them large pieces of land on Earth, as big estates, and also gave them charge over the beings who lived there. Things continued to go downhill, and there was a terrific amount of disempowerment going on: misuse of energy, misuse of crystal technologies and so on.

I was actually around on the planet at this time. Eventually a lot of the Maldekeans evacuated and came to Earth. The ones that stayed went to war against each other and blew up the planet—completely destroyed it, except for the heart crystal. The heart crystal of Maldek is what we now know as Moldavite. How did the heart crystal of Maldek come to Earth?

All planets have heart crystals. Mother Earth has an iron heart crystal. Other planets have heart crystals the equivalent of diamond and other types of material like this. So it was decided by the elders that it would be great if we could capture the heart crystal of Maldek.

Just as a side comment, the meteorite belt and the meteorites that come around every year at certain times when you see a lot of shooting stars, are all pieces of Maldek.

Some of the elders felt that the information in the heart crystal of Maldek, if it could be decoded, would be useful to them. So they came up with the idea to create what would today be called a tractor beam, to grab the heart crystal of Maldek and pull it into the gravitational field of Earth.

As I said, I was around at the time, and I was totally against this. I knew that it could spell trouble and things might not turn out well. Some of you were in the stargate workshop. The guy who built the stargate, G., was the one who back then built this device. Someone else close to me was the one who decided to go ahead with it.

In the end, we thought we’d managed to talk them out of it. But there were other star beings involved, who knew that this heart crystal would hit planet Earth if they went forward with it and wanted this to happen. They abducted the families of some of the engineers and threatened to destroy the families if they didn’t go ahead with it.

So the tractor beam goes out, hits the heart crystal, starts to pull it in. All of a sudden there’s panic. It’s in the gravitational pull of planet Earth, but it’s not staying there. The tractor beam’s still pulling it in, pulling it in, pulling it in and it’s going to hit the planet. They tried to switch it off, but they couldn’t. If you ask G. about it today, he’ll say in his broad Liverpool accent like John Lennon, “I bloody told them not to do it, I told them it could go wrong, and I don’t know why they couldn’t switch it off.” [Continued next post]

©John Armitage 2015, used with permission.




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