[The following is from Memories of the Soul workshop by John Armitage, aka Hari Das Baba, 2015]

The gemstone moldavite, which is actually pieces of the heart crystal of the destroyed planet Maldek,  has a very strong effect on the heart.

In today’s world, maybe 75-80% of what’s called moldavite is fake. You know, the Chinese are experts at faking everything. So a lot of it’s fake. Especially over the last ten years or so, true moldavite has become very rare. There’s only a limited amount of it. At one time they were digging it out of the ground and there was a lot of it around. Then there was less available from mining. The next lot that came available actually belonged to local farmers who were plowing it up in their fields and started selling it. Moldavite is really a great gift, connecting us to the stars.

A friend of mine was visiting and walked into a room where I had hundreds of skulls. He said, “I have to get out of here!” I said, “Some people say that when they walk in here. You can feel the energy very strong in your body.” He said, “It isn’t that.” He was now standing outside the door.

I pulled a box full of moldavite out of a drawer and said, “Maybe it’s this.” He said, “How much moldavite is that?” I said, “Around 5 kilos.” He said,“It’s taken me years to get used to being around this small piece that I have. I can’t handle it. How can you live with this?!” I said, “We don’t notice it. It’s all over the house, everywhere. It’s in the kettle, in the water bottles and all kinds of things.”

Q: Why do you put moldavite in the kettle and the water bottles?
A: Because then you have moldavite water. Get some and drink some! You’re ingesting the vibration of the moldavite, like a mother tincture. When the water in the kettle boils it releases the moldavite vibrations in a very focused way. I asked the moldavite in the kettle if it wanted to go in there, and it said, “Yeah! Yeah! I’m up for that.” It’s like putting crystals in the water, or building crystal mandalas around our water bottles, or dropping crystals in our water tank. I drop crystals in the fuel tank of my car. They go better. I stick them on the alternator, tape them on the diesel pipes.

Q: When we do these activations, is it just for us or does it have an effect on the rest of the world?

A: It has an effect on the rest of the world, because we are in the world. I don’t have permission to activate the world, and I don’t assume that. That would not be correct, to have that idea or to engage in that activity. But when we have these activations, every step we take on Mother Earth we ground the energy, as long as we stay focused with it. And I don’t mean I’VE GOT TO STAY FOCUSED energy. But as long as we don’t fall into the darkness, or into imbalance again, everyone we come into contact with, at the supermarket, where we work and so on, become touched, because we radiate this energy. Sometimes the Upstairs Department uses phrases like, “You shining stars,” because we are shining stars. You can be seen.

Some people use this phrase “light workers” a lot. I must admit I don’t like that name. There’s a lot of implications to it. If you think about it, it’s very judgmental. I don’t want to be known as a “light worker” or as “spiritual.” I want to be known as John Armitage, or Hari Das Baba, or Baba the Bastard they call me sometimes. I don’t want to be known for what I can see or whatever. I’d like to be known for love, and that’s all. And I don’t care if I’m not known for it, I just want to love, to be Love. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to.

Q: So does this help us to do that?
A: Yeah. I mean, there wouldn’t be point for me coming here and doing this, if it didn’t have some effect on creation? Why would I bother to come to America?

Q: I’m feeling that the stuff I brought with me, the dramas, have disappeared.
A: [With these clearances and activations] we have a wider understanding of ourselves, and we lose the focus on the drama of 3D.

If you can only touch one person in your life, actually everything you’ve lived and experienced is worth it. This is what the Dalai Lama told me one day. I totally agree with him. Even if you just touch one person in your life, it’s worth it.  ©John Armitage 2015, used with permission.

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