John Armitage: About two years ago the Upstairs Department told me they wanted me to start leading a workshop on the ’Pathway to the Cosmic Heart.’ What this really is all about is actually connecting both our heart chakras. Now, for years we’ve been doing activities, or working with, our thymus gland, our higher heart chakra, or whatever you want to call it, and of course this has benefitted us in many, many ways, and given us an added capability to allow the love to flow. But the thing is, mostly we have been ignoring our physical heart chakras.

The realization that I have now, or the information I’ve been given, is that it’s really important to connect these two pieces of equipment together, our higher heart chakra and physical heart chakra. By doing this, it gives us further capabilities to allow a flow of, shall we call it, expanded Divine Love.

At one time, as well, we were always saying, “Open your heart, open your heart, open your heart, open your heart!” I remember saying this hundreds or thousands of times over a period of years. One thing I realized a few years ago is that actually our hearts are always open. Everybody’s heart is open. It doesn’t matter who they are. And then you can say to yourself, “Well, OK, why do people not radiate this Divine Love?” Because they’re blocking it. Their hearts are open, but they’re actually blocking the flow. So by connecting these two heart chakras, we then manifest within us what you might call the “Cosmic Heart” or “Sacred Heart.”

The Upstairs Department is always saying, “Live in your heart,” and, “Just allow your heart to take over the stream of your life. Don’t even think about it, and you’ll find that everything will change.”

Well, the way we’re programmed, the way that we have related to reality, or have related to the matrix, if you’d like to see it like that, because that’s what so-called reality is— we’re always thinking, “What’s all this about, what’s all this about, what’s all this about?” Also we’re told, “What you think is what you get,” and that you can actually create through thinking. Well, we do create through thinking. So, “What you think is what you get,” this is true. I’ve observed this in my own life. But now what I’ve realized, working with the Sacred Heart, is, that when we create through mind and thought, actually there’s always two opposites. One side of our mind says, “OK, I’m going to create this.” Or, maybe you’re not even doing it on a conscious level, but you’re always thinking about something, and it happens. So you can create constructive things, and things work. And then, after awhile, it seems that things don’t work, things start to fall apart, in some way or another.

This is because we create through mind. Everybody knows that our brains are split in half, don’t they. We’ve got the Right Brain and the Left Brain. So, there’s always an opposite in our thoughts. There’s always an opposite there, lurking in our consciousness. This is why often we create very, very constructive things by thinking, but something happens and it all falls apart, or we start to fall backwards, and this is because the other side of the brain, the creation of the other side of the brain’s kicked in.

So now I understand that we can avoid this. We can become really focused conscious creators, by creating through the Sacred Heart, or the Cosmic Heart. This is what the project is, to assist people to connect these two heart chakras together, activating the Cosmic Heart, or the Sacred Heart, and also, linking with the Cosmic Heart of Source.

[next Cosmic Heart workshop with John Armitage scheduled for May 4-8, 2016 in Belgium. See under Events for future workshops.]

Photo: ROSE QUARTZ (terminated): The gem elixir helps balance emotions; heart and throat chakras stimulated; emotional, mental and astral bodies aligned. Helps you to love yourself.


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