John Armitage: So when we say “linking with the Cosmic Heart,” you might say: “Well, what’s he talking about now? What’s this Cosmic Heart?” Most people here will understand, or have some concept in their minds, or know that there is a Source of creation, right? And some people call it Mother/Father God, God/Goddess, or the Source and so on, and have a concept of this. Of course, these concepts are not exactly real in the sense of words, because the 3rd dimensional mind doesn’t have any reference points for what Source is, where Source is, and how Source actually creates through the radiation of its Love.

But another thing I’ve come to realize, with the assistance of the Upstairs Department, of course, is that Source also has many aspects. Most of you will know that we’re living in these physical bodies in this 3rd dimensional reality, but actually we are multidimensional beings. You might not completely understand what that means, but you may have a concept that we have a presence—sometimes we say bodies—in other realities, up until we get as far as our Monadic Selves, or our Divine Selves, whatever you’d like to call it. So we’ve all thought about that, and we’ve had some kind of concepts in our minds about it, but we haven’t really, in many ways, thought beyond that. We’ve been saying to ourselves, “If I can consciously connect to my Divine Self, or my Personal Source, the Monad, then life, or my understanding of life, God/Goddess, the universe is going to be very, very different. And I’ll have a very conscious connection with Source.”

So where are we going with this? I’ve come to understand that even Source itself has other aspects, other presences. So of course, we have to find 3rd dimensional words to explain this. We’ve used the phrase “Divine”, we’ve used these other phrases to bring some kind of concept to it. Now the only phrase we have left is, “Cosmic aspects”. I don’t know that once we have a conscious connection with the cosmic aspects of ourselves, when we integrate the energy of the Cosmic Heart by activating the Sacred Heart and everything, I don’t know what kind of phrase we’re going to use to explain the next step. You know, like whether it’s going to be “super-cosmic” or “multi-cosmic”, “bloody cosmic” or whatever! I don’t know where we’re going with that. But anyway, that’s for the future. At the moment, the project’s to really activate the Sacred Heart and to connect our heart chakras, and to connect with the Cosmic Heart of Source. So when you think about this, it’s rather exciting, isn’t it. Is it?

NEXT: DISMANTLING THE PLANETARY FEAR MATRIX through activating our Cosmic Hearts

Photo: ROSSMANITE: The gem elixir has to to with higher level heart energies; helps one make their bodies capable of taking on higher frequencies.

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