John Armitage: As you know, the energy on the planet keeps changing and changing and changing. So many things have happened just in the last year, haven’t they? Many people are saying that the planet’s in a worse state than it was last year. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again, to encourage you. Don’t take any notice of this brainwashing. It’s all designed to stop you from looking any further. In fact, there’s less war on the planet than there has been for thousands of years. The thing is, you have it in the news all the time, because the communication systems really work very well, and the communication systems are actually used to keep the fear matrix active in humanity. It’s about ramping up the fear, ramping up the fear, ramping up the fear.

I was talking to an Afghani recently, my taxi driver, and he said, “Have you ever been to Afghanistan?” I said, “Yeah I have. It’s a pity what happened to the country.” He said, “The Americans have destroyed our country, and brought it to its knees. What for?” I said, “Well, actually there’s a lot of money in war, and as well to keep the fear matrix active, always, always, always. My concept in all this is, we have fundamentalists in Islam, in Christianity, in Judaism, in Hinduism. There’s actually billions of people living on planet earth. But the thing is, now it’s all about Muslim fundamentalists, and if you live an ordinary kind of life, you’re not going to run into any of these people. You’re never going to come face to face with one of them. There’s only a few thousand of them, and there’s billions of people on the planet. And yet, they keep ramping up the fear, ramping up the fear, ramping up the fear.

So I reckon that, with this Cosmic Heart energy, we can start to dismantle this planetary fear matrix, and get people to get out of the fear of being human, get out of this fear of living in this 3rd dimensional reality. Get people with their feet on the ground, and actually, the universal ascension process will move forward, very, very quickly. I mean, the universal ascension program is moving forward very quickly anyway.

When I say universal, a lot of people are actually thinking, “Well, ascension is like, for you personally, or ascension is for planet earth.” Well, there is a personal ascension project for each person, and it is possible to individually ascend to your next level of ascension. But the whole project is the universal ascension. The universe is going to ascend. So by assisting in the cracking up of this fear matrix, which is really manifest on earth—and of course, the core fear matrix which is manifest inside most people—the more we can dissipate this, actually the faster, or higher frequency energy we can ground on the planet. So this really is a worthwhile project.


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