John Armitage: If you’re going to ask me, “What’s going to happen in the end?” I’ll tell you the truth. I don’t know. All I know is that the universal ascension is going forward. We’ve had all this talk about going to the 5th dimension. We aren’t going to the 5th dimension anymore. At one time that was part of the project, but it’s like all these projects in creation, it changes. First of all, they give us a concept, and we say, “OK, now we understand this concept, in a certain way, and it’s always ascension to the 5th dimension.” Now they say, “Well, what’s the point of ascending to the 5th dimension, when you can actually ascend to the 12th or the 13th or even beyond?”

So, as we bring in more of this energy of the expanded Divinity of Love, the higher frequencies, and we ground, we have the opportunity to go beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before, not only in this universe, but in other aspects of creation. We’re living in a gigantic experiment. We’re living in a gigantic experiment. All this has never been done before. It’s never been done before. I actually find it quite exciting. It goes beyond all of the previous concepts that we’ve had.

There’s a part of my mind that says, “OK, I understand,” and then the other part of my mind says, “Well, what’s going to happen afterwards?” As I said to you, I don’t really know. Somebody asked me recently, “Do you have any idea of what life will be like on planet earth once this matrix is broken down? Do you have a vision of it?” I thought for a second or two, and I said, “Well no, actually I don’t.” And then my I Am Presence said, “Yes, you do.”

So I said, “OK, yeah, I’ve changed my mind. I do have a vision. The only vision I have, though, is that we all live under equal circumstances, and there’s no controllers. Everybody has the same opportunity. Everybody understands what human life is about, and how we should love and support each other, and see that all people are equal, and everybody has what they need.” They said, “Well, how will that work in society?” So I said, “This is why I said I didn’t a vision of it before, because if I have a vision of that now, actually I’m limiting the manifestation of the future.” Then I thought to myself, “What did I just say?” And I sat and thought about it for a couple of seconds. And I thought, “Yeah, that’s right.”

Now, in the past, also, we’ve sat down and said, “It’ll be like this” or “It’ll be like that”, or “It could be like this or that”, but actually, again, what we’ve been doing is limiting: implanting these seeds in the matrix and actually limiting the way things can manifest. So what we have to do is, as I said, get away from our minds, because our minds are very limited. Really, really limited. And we’re always trying to relate to concepts that we have a reference point to. These reference points are in some ways not correct. I mean, they might be correct in the moment, but they’re not correct in expanded reality. So let’s stop thinking about it, and let’s allow it. And let’s not limit the creation of it, because we don’t understand it. We can’t understand it with our minds.

The thing is, the Cosmic Heart, or the Sacred Heart, actually connected to the Cosmic Heart of Source, or the Cosmic Aspect of Source, does know already that our minds can’t think about it. So we’re going beyond all the things we thought of.  Just think about that: we’re going beyond all the things we thought of. “Aw yeah, we know that, multidimensional. Aw yeah, yeah, yeah.”

But another thing that I’ve realized is that, although we’re multidimensional beings, and we have multidimensional presences, actually we’re multi-universal beings, and we have presences in other universes. Think about that. Then you say to yourself, “Well, what are these presences in other universes, these multi-universal presences?” Again, we can’t talk about it, because if we attempt to explain it in 3rd dimensional words, we’re limited to 3rd dimension all over again. We can’t have a concept of it. But ultimately, the Cosmic Heart knows. The Cosmic Heart knows.

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