John Armitage, from Pathway to the Cosmic Heart:

So, we’re asking you now to please make more of an effort, even though you’ve definitely been making an effort before, to allow your heart to make the decisions. Because your heart always makes the right decision, or the correct decision. Ultimately there’s no such thing as right or wrong anyway. They’re 3rd dimensional concepts as well. But the heart will always make the correct decision. Don’t allow your mind to question the decision. Instead of saying, “Shall I do this, shall I do that, shall I do the other thing?”, just say to the heart, “OK, let’s take the correct path.” And then it comes your mind—we’ll just make it simple, the heart says, “OK, turn right” and the mind says, “Why?” And the heart says, “No, just turn right,” and the mind says, “Yeah, well why? Maybe I should go left, instead.” You know, there’s two opposites again.

So, make more of an effort, or allow, allow, allow the heart to make the decisions. Ultimately, we’ve become so programmed in the matrix, that oftentimes we’re not wanting change. The mind says, “I’m happy with the position I have in the illusion, or in the matrix.” Then the emotions say, “I’m not happy, I’m not happy, I’m not happy, I want change.” And the heart says, “Well, we can have changes any time.” Then the change starts, and the mind says, “No, I won’t, no don’t. Nooooo! What’s going to happen to me now? I don’t want this change.”

A lot of us look at ourselves as free thinkers, and we understand, to a certain extent anyway, how the control works, and so on. But then the mind says, “Oh, how will I live, what will I live on, what will happen. yahdiyahdiya.” And the heart is aching, saying, “Come ON, let’s move, let’s be free! Let’s experience another way of living!” “Oh, yeah, but I don’t want to move, I don’t want to leave my town, I don’t want to leave my country, my family” and all these kinds of things. “I like my job.” and the heart’s saying, “Don’t worry, be happy. Go with the flow, and we’ll take care of everything.” the mind is like, “Wrrrwrrwrrrrrr.”

So we’re encouraging you to go beyond mind, and the limitations that we’ve built up, through living in our heads. I understand from my personal experience that this is not always the easiest thing to do. And I consider myself, in many ways very, very adaptable, in the way that circumstances change, or my own circumstances change. If I don’t follow my heart, how my I Am Presence and Divine Self takes care of things is, if I don’t follow my heart, actually I wake up one day and everything’s destroyed. So now, you’ve got no choice anymore. Well, actually you’ve got one choice: either start processing or move on, and see how things work.

So I know this, that sometimes it can be difficult to actually step outside the comfort zone, step outside of your own personal matrix, or your own personal illusory reality that you’ve built up around you—and also the collective illusion. But it’s step by step by step by step. The best advice that we can give you is, don’t fight! As I’ve said, I’ve experienced so many different things like this myself. There’ve been times I’ve sat back and said to myself, “Why did this happen to me again?” and my Divine Self says, “Gonna listen up now? Are you going to get on with the project, or not? Come on.”


Photo–ROSELITE: Feel the Oneness of everything as a cellular knowing.

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