My beautiful friend Jennifer showed up at a 13D workshop I was facilitating, all excited about an old volume she’d picked up at a tag sale. It was part of the I Am Discourses of Godfre Ray King (Guy W. Ballard) with Master Germain, published in 1936. Since then, I have included the excerpt she shared with us as a handout in all of my classes.

The I Am Presence is a part of us, the part that knows it is divine, knows it is a part of the All, and All is One. Each of us has an 8th dimensional I Am Presence that is easily accessible to us. We have only to ask and allow.

The excerpt Jennifer brought to class speaks of the creative power of the I Am and how we can connect with this to fulfill all our needs and desires. We have only to connect and work “to correct [our] own human discord in thought, feelings and spoken word”. But also as well:

No matter what the individual requires for his own use, the first condition on which he receives it from the Supreme Source of All is that he calls it forth into use NOT ONLY FOR HIMSELF, but for EVERY INDIVIDUAL on this earth as well.

When we do this, our blessing is multiplied by the number of humans on the earth. 75% of this energy comes to the individual, and the rest goes out to the world.

By one call, with intense feeling, to his “Mighty I Am Presence” to release what he desires into his own use and then expand it to the use of all, he accomplishes infinitely more in that call to his Presence than could possibly be done in any other way.

When you write a check to pay your bills, you can intend “WITH INTENSE FEELING” that you and everyone on earth have the resources to pay their bills. One of the New Paradigm MDT teachers always writes “Joyfully!” on her check for her students’ School Fees. Another friend writes “with blessings!” on her checks.

We hear daily about the plight of people in war torn countries and refugees. Often I start to feel helpless in the face of so much suffering. Before I begin a meal, I always say, with great love in my heart, “Mighty I Am Presence, may all people everywhere have as good or better food as I have here today.” I like to add as well, “May all beings be free! Freedom for all!”

The Discourses continue:

Oh Beloved Ones, do you realize what it means to work with intense sincerity and deep feeling for the Freedom of all? It is the greatest joy and privilege of all lives.

Jennifer is no longer with us in body, but as I say the Mighty I Am Presence affirmations, I remember her beautiful spirit.

May all beings free themselves from fear and open to the Abundance of the universe, which is their birthright.

In love,

NEXT BLOG POST: Frequency Rising! (on the ascension of the Earth)


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