MARY MAGDALENE and the Female Disciples of Jesus

While we’re on the subject of Mary Magdalene, I’d like to share with you some information from two illuminating books: The Power of the Magdalene: The Hidden Story of the Women Disciples and The Magdalene Version: The Never Before Revealed Ancient Teachings of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, both by Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis. The authors practice past life regressions, and through this they attained contact with an Angelic presence called Alariel, who filled them in on the female disciples of Jesus and the teachings of Mary Magdalene.

Alariel: It’s important to understand that the discipleship system that Jeshua set up was designed to mirror the greater symbolism of the universe. The balance of Father-Mother God was mirrored in a balance of male and female disciples, so there were six circles of twelve, making seventy-two male disciples, and six circles of twelve, making seventy-two female disciples, a total of 144 disciples in all.

Mary the mother of Jesus/Jeshua and Mary Magdalene were the highest frequency beings in the First Circle of female disciples; the rest were relatives of Jeshua. Mother Mary was the leader of the group.  She is described as:

…a person of quiet and calm authority. There was a great sense of clarity about her, and her dedication to the Light shone forth in everything she did. She acted as the spiritual anchor and foundation for the group…She had been a high Initiate since the days of Akhenaten in Egypt.

Mary Magdalene had also been trained in the high mystery schools of Egypt. Her personality was different from Mother Mary’s, however:

Mary Magdalene had a very different temperament. Powerful, eager, enthusiastic, the fire of her total commitment to the Light burned within her like a bright flame. She was a passionate advocate for truth and justice.

After Jesus/Jeshua left them, Mary Magdalene was to hold and teach the “Inner Mysteries of the Way”, along with John, James, Thomas and Philip. Mary Magdalene was to be the leader of this group. The “outer teachings” were to be spread by most of the male disciples, led by Peter. But he felt that this structure divided them when they should be united. Also he could not accept the leadership of a woman, and “deeply resented” Mary’s closeness to Jeshua.

Peter could not tolerate the idea of a rival leader, and a rival leader who happened to be a woman was quite unthinkable for him.

The First Circle of male disciples are described as independent individuals rather than a close-knit group, and they came from various parts of the country side. There was a “conventional faction” led by Peter and a “progressive faction” including Thomas, James and Philip. John was the mediator, so to speak. In contrast, the First Circle of female disciples were closely-knit, telepathically linked, and worked together. All had worked through many years and lifetimes in preparation.

Alariel: The whole point about the balanced male and female system of discipleship, as set up by Jeshua, is that it reflected the central balance of Father-Mother God. Father-Mother God is completely balanced, completely integrated and completely whole. If you try to take either the Father or Mother element out of this equation, the result is a major imbalance in perception. Any system that honors the Father energy and neglects the energy of the Divine Mother will lack flexibility, sensitivity, compassion and wisdom. It will tend to become rigid and brittle and will fragment into a number of competing elements.

It is one of the great tragedies of Western culture that all knowledge of the female disciples of Jeshua has been lost, and it is now time to restore that knowledge.

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PHOTO: Medieval carving of Mary Magdalene


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3 thoughts on “MARY MAGDALENE and the Female Disciples of Jesus”

  1. Good morning Phyllis, Perhaps it serves to let you know this: In your blog you refer to Alariel as “Ariel” Thank you for another great article on Mary Magdalene, with whom I have a great affinity.I loved reading your other blog post too, triggering memories of a channeling I did with Mary M during a workshop I facilitated in the Netherlands. She was also very present at the meeting I had with John, Veronica and Els. The work that ensued a few days later – with Stiaan at Schiphol Airport, and later on that same day with Stiaan and Ilse (and many in Spirit) in a meeting space at Amsterdam Centraal Station – also involved the presence of Mary Magdalene ♡ It helped prevent an “NWO” planned “event” involving an airplane flying into the nuclear summit in The Hague, the Netherlands. That airplane was intercepted by the Royal Dutch Airforce in a no fly zone. They had received instructions from the International security unit, put in charge of providing “extra security” for the nuclear summit. The Dutch airforce people had been instructed to shut down their air traffic communication system, as the “special unit” was now in charge of all communications, and because their extremely hi-tech equipment was feared to overload the system. Overloading the system, they were told, may result in communication errors.  It so happened that the Dutch airforce people had just recently prior to those instructions, received training and installation of their hi-tech equipment in preparation of the UN Nuclear Summit. During this training by their own people they were specifically told this new system was impossible to overload, even if special units were linked into it. So they ignored the orders. Also, the airplane appeared to be of the same company as the one that had recently gone missing (Malaysian Airlines flight 370). Just like the missing plane, said to have been “disappeared” on purpose, it had cloaking technology on board. Somehow this cloaking device was deactivated. And so the Dutch Airforce people were able to spot this plane,, and to maneuver it, with the help of two military vessels on each side, out of the no-fly zone, getting it to safely land in Germany. Just looked up that missing plane flight number, and see there is recent “news” on that missing plane. Astonished to find it in the news again just when your blog triggers all these memories. I don’t believe the official story, btw. I experienced a shared vision on the flight home to EWR from the Netherlands, during an unusual interaction with a couple on that plane. I will tell you about this if you like, another time. A few weeks after being back home from the Netherlands I was prompted to check David’s blog. Some of it jolted some memories. David’s current work with Gaiam doesn’t resonate as much, at the expense of the quality of his blog. He has quite a few times been under attack, and doesn’t seem to be able to be as clear as he used to be. Anyway, I am grateful to you and Mark, for the work you do, and what we do together as part of our beautiful Shamballa family, on a daily basis. It is, most definitely, making a difference. Love,Nell ♡ 

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