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Our bodies are like poems, speaking to us in metaphors about where we need to put our attention in our lives. Each night we dream—what a riot of colorful metaphor we create, each of us, no matter how “mundane” we may think our lives! Each of us has a wonderful creative spark that is irrepressible, and if we don’t pay attention to it in our “waking” hours, it will burst forth on its own during our “sleep”.

Our nature is a creative nature. Who will not stop, even if for just a second, to notice a beautiful sunset? Mother Earth creating beauty and love around us, all the time, and then for a few moments turning on the stage lights, as if to say, “SEE! See how beautiful is this world I’ve made for you! See how much I love you!” The way to live is to live each moment in utter wonderment and delight at its beauty. We are the poem, and we the poet, moving into life lived from joy. What’s the difference between a good poem and a bad one? Honesty. Technique can make a good poem better, more aesthetic to the listener, perhaps better understood. But only honesty can make a poem good, and satisfying. Only self-honesty can do this for a life.

Some of the best poems are those that “capture a moment” and then spend verses, stanzas, paragraphs to take you into that moment, so that you can feel it in all its wonder. One moment, lived from total joy and ecstasy of beingness. And yet we live hundreds, thousands of such moments each day. What a wonder a lifetime is! What a wonder the dawn of a new day—the ecstasy of a single breath. The stuff of poets—and mystics—and ordinary people.

So how does all this relate to health, and dis-ease? Imagery is the way that our Higher Selves talk to us, to tell us what needs attention in our life, how our spirit needs to be fed. Our bodies are the poem the imagery is played out upon. For example, when the imbalance is small, perhaps just a memory of some past hurt or traumatic experience, our mental body may play the poem. We may dream our own creative vision of this hurt or trauma, and how to heal it. If this is ignored by the conscious mind, then our creative Self plays a louder tune, a more strident song, using our emotional body. We may start to re-experience, to feel again, the feelings that occasioned the original imbalance. If we stuff these away, due to fear, or because we have no time for such things, then our body becomes the medium of last resort. Pain wakes us up. At last our soul has our attention! We must change—or suffer, sometimes even die.

Obviously it would be less traumatic, to pay attention sooner. This is where vibrational medicine can help. Flower essences can treat contractions, or blockages, of the life-force energy flow, when they are still in our subtle bodies (the spiritual, mental, emotional), before they manifest into physical disease. Singing, toning, sounding, color, aroma, and other vibrational remedies can vibrationally rebalance our system. For we are vibration. All of creation is vibration.

 Wake up and Dream! ~John Armitage

Wake up, listen, dream and be healthy, be in balance, be whole.


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