We were watching an old Star Trek: The Next Generation episode last night. Capt. Picard et al were out to rescue a group of scientists who had been observing a civilization at a hunter/gatherer level. Something had gone wrong with their energy generator that created the illusion that kept their blind hidden. It had exploded and injured most of the people there. In attempting to rescue them, the crew of the Enterprise were seen, causing an infraction of the Prime Directive: do not interfere with or influence other civilizations in any way. The man who saw them was also badly injured by the defective energy output, so the crew took him back to the ship to treat his injuries. Their attempt at mind-wipe didn’t work. When the man woke up lying where he had first fallen, he remembered seeing “god” or “the gods” who had “brought him back to life”.

This created all kinds of problems for the Enterprise people. Two went down to the planet in disguise, to try to fix things and to rescue one scientist left behind. The people felt they had to deal with the strange ones; in their fear of “the god Picard” they finally decided to kill the strangers, for surely the “god” wanted that. The crew tried many things to show the people that they were human, not gods. Even when Picard tried to tell them the truth, the people still believed that he was powerful and could bring people back to life. Picard finally allowed them to shoot him with an arrow, and his bleeding convinced them that he was mortal.

Of course, this was all a metaphor for the more recent history of humanity, the meddling by higher dimensional beings and the legends that helped to create “religion” here. We can see how fear, especially fear of death, influences mortal people who have lost contact with their higher dimensional Selves. This episode came out in 1989, I’m sure to plant seeds in our minds to ready us for “first contact”.

This type of thing is still playing out on earth: religious wars, religious-inspired murder and mayhem. Hopefully these are the last-ditch efforts of very fearful people to get some control over the vast changes in energy that are happening here. Hopefully they will finally let go and let the Love flow. I will keep grounding the Love energy, and I invite you to join me in that, no matter what else is going on around us.

In Love,

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