My Druidic Education—Part 1
by Mark

Both my grandparents were from unbroken lines of Scottish Druids. My grandfather could work with any animal; his tie with the Nature kingdom was innate. My grandmother was in direct line of the priestesses of the divine feminine of old, and she knew energetically how to use that energy. Neither of them was formally educated. Their ability to perceive had not been tampered with or hampered by formal education.

I once asked Gramp how his gardens always flourished even when everyone else’s turned brown. He said, “I just give the plants what they tell me to give them.” Simple.

I don’t think I’d still be on this planet if it weren’t for them. Not that they were perfect, but they each had talents, and they had forged a relationship of equality, humor, and mutual respect.

When I was 3, my grandmother started teaching me. She wanted me to know that there was more to life than what I might learn in school, so she started showing me that everything had a name. That name was generally different from what people called it. She showed me how to tell the difference between the name that scholars called a plant or a rock or whatever, and the true name of this being, the name that this form of being thought of itself. She taught me that everything has a true name.

Inside that true name, each one is different as well as the same. Every single thing has its own frequency, down to atoms and molecules and up to planets, galaxies and beyond, to infinity in both directions.

These are not so much words as energetic signatures. Almost always the energy behind the words that scholars have developed for things are different from their true energy, the name each being knows itself as. The energetic signature is, in fact, the frequency with which a being is attached to the Prime Creator. All the beings within a group are a fiber in the trunk-sound-vibration of the collective whole of that group. There’s the overall vibration of the group, and then each part has its own variation that helps to make up the whole.

This is hard to put into words, easier to just feel. The smallness and the largeness are the same. Everything is made up of energy. The energy holds everything together. So, everything is different and the same, unique as well as part of the Whole. The “glue” that holds it all together is Love, Love without conditions.

My grandmother’s ability to teach me came from my guidance system through her. She was “reading” my higher self. The teachings she gave my sister were very different from those she gave me. My sister had her own skills, but they were different from mine.

NEXT: Part 2–Learning from Nature

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