My Druidic Education—Part 3
by Mark

My grandmother also taught me to speak with beings that had no body, what we call spirits or ghosts. There was a sailor who had lived in their house since he died in 1889. He was a sea captain. He had things to teach me energetically about life on the ocean. She helped me interface myself so I could receive pictures in my mind of some of his experiences. She changed the frequency of my beingness to match his, in order to do this. She never violated my personality, but she guided me by coming into my being and showing me how to alter my frequency, so that I could communicate with these spirit beings. When you match frequency with another, you are separate, but there’s no boundaries stopping energetic conversation. So energetically you now experience each other without interference and without harm to either.

I could tell when I meshed with the Captain that he wasn’t happy. I asked her why he didn’t go where he could be happy. She told me that that was between him and the Creator.

I thought it was all great fun!

When I got to be four, it was easier to walk around, so we would go walking in the woods. Almost everywhere we went, there were spirits of those who had come before us, the Red People. They were comfortable with themselves as they were. I noticed that was different than with the Sea Captain. My grandmother then told me that there was another level to life, that had to do with opening one’s heart to the ocean of love without conditions. The Sea Captain had been a nice man, but he didn’t understand love without conditions. The Red People were so enmeshed in the lovingness of Nature that they were entirely comfortable. Having or not having a body was all the same to them. These spirits would inhabit certain places that they felt tied to by their choice. In their mind’s eye eternity is a long time, so staying in a place for a few hundred or thousand years is nothing to eternity. Eventually they would move on.

My grandmother taught me how, as with the Captain, to mesh myself with each one of them, if I chose. When I could allow myself to mesh with all of the beings, all of the living plants, all of the insects, all of the microbes, all of the rock beings—then I would feel a special kind of peacefulness and sense of belonging, a knowing that I was not alone.

My grandmother helped me by partially giving me direction and helping me change my body frequency in order to experience these things. She told me that at some point she was not going to be there to help me, and that I had to learn to do for myself what she was now doing for me. She had made it seem so easy, that I couldn’t see any reason why she couldn’t keep doing it. I asked her why I needed to learn to do it myself. She told me that all the things we had done were merely a beginning of what I would do, and that I had to make up my own mind how to balance myself, without help.

I told her that I didn’t think I was capable of doing all this myself. She looked at me and shook her head. “Well, we’ll have to figure it out,” she replied. I know now that she was being kind and firm at the same time. She could see that I didn’t have enough self-confidence to venture out on my own, and do things that I had no support for from the greater world.


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